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AEF Camp 1 at St. Nazaire

Port of St. Nazaire, France The 116th Engineers arrived at St. Nazaire during the evening of Dec. 10, 1917. Staying onboard the vessels until Dec. 14, 1917, when they disembarked and marched out to Camp No. 1. They had no idea what the future held for them. Some would be ordered to join the 2nd Engineers. Some went to the 1st Engineers. Some lived. Some died.
Camp 1 barracks at St. Nazaire 1919 St-Nazaire at the close of the war — Among the Barracks 1919 Camp 1
Delousing station at St. Nazaire, Camp 1 Waiting to be deloused,
Embarkation Camp No. 1,
St. Nazaire, France
Ame. E. F.
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