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List Of Individual Decorations.

The following officers and men of, the Second Engineers have been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for extraordinary heroism in action:
Major William A. Snow.
Major J. J. F. Steiner.
First Lieutenant H. C. Molesberry.
First Lieutenant Ray N. Benjamin.
First Lieutenant Mack C. Byrd.
Second Lieutenant John E. Miller.
Second Lieutenant Albert M. Berlander.
Master Engineer Joseph Gallo.
Master Engineer Joseph D. Sanders.
Master Engineer John J O'B ien. [sic O'Brien]
Sergeant First Class William Sarti.
Sergeant First Class William Steimel.
Sergeant Charles E. Nickels.
Sergeant Charles W. Garr.
Corporal Louis D. Goodrich.
Corporal Simpson Levan.
Corporal Thomas D. Saunders.
Corporal Onal M. Cope.
Corporal Carl Gustafson.
Private Layton A. Boyd.
Private Charles Raffington.
Private Jefferson Holt.
Private Allison Reid.
Private Alfred Wilkerson.
Private Paul E. Blust.
Private John A. Doogs.
Private Elmer E. Bartlett.
Private Edwin E. Shepard.
United States, and John Archer Lejeune. 1919.
A History Of The Second Regiment Of Engineers, United States Army:
From Its Organization In Mexico, 1916, To Its Watch On The Rhine, 1919
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