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The following enlisted man of the Second Engineers was awarded the Medaille Militaire for heroism in action at Soissons:
Private John F. Mendonsa, of Company "F".

The following members of the Second Engineers have been awarded the Croix-de-Guerre for gallantry in action:
The Regimental Colors, three times
Colonel William A. Mitchell.
Miss Davis, of the Y. M. C. A.
Major William A. Snow.
Major J. J. F. Steiner.
Major William A. Foertmeyer.
Major Theodore Wyman Jr.
Captain Tucker S. Wyche.
Captain Lester C. Smith.
Captain Ferdinand H. Hermann.
Captain James J. Wall Jr.
First Lieutenant Jesse Gover.
First Lieutenant George R. Knight.
First Lieutenant Lyman Mc E. Chase.
First Lieutenant Elwyn C. Balch.
First Lieutenant Sylvester Kearns.
First Lieutenant Samuel C. Watkins.
First Lieutenant James E. O'Neil.
First Lieutenant Harold S. Barrons.
First Lieutenant Edgar D. Greene.
First Lieutenant Peter J. Batten.
First Lieutenant Ray N. Benjamin.
First Lieutenant Mack C. Byrd.
First Lieutenant George B. Woodle.
Second Lieutenant Cyril C. Courture.
Second Lieutenant John M. Holloway.
Second Lieutenant Harry B. Moody.
Second Lieutenant Frank L. Courtney.
Second Lieutenant Albert M. Berlander.
Master Engineer John H. White.
Master Engineer George P. Simpson.
Master Engineer Benjamin F. Kinsey.
Master Engineer Joseph D. Sanders.
Master Engineer John J. O'Brien.
Sergeant Major William T. Pagen.
First Sergeant Leon Smith.
First Sergeant Alexander H. Stephens.
First Sergeant James T. Condon.
First Sergeant John E. Loucks.
Sergeant First Class James E. Pinkston.
Sergeant First Class James M. Dillon.
Sergeant First Class James Casburn.
Sergeant First Class Neil H. Mclntyre.
Sergeant First Class Frank J. Dalton.
Sergeant First Class John D. Drury.
Sergeant First Class Benjamin H. Frame.
Sergeant First Class Sam T. Poteet.
Sergeant First Class Robert L. Leahy.
Sergeant First Class Jacob Brewster.
Sergeant First Class Charles E. Newland.
Sergeant First Class Jule S. Rymer.
Sergeant First Class William J. Steimel.
Sergeant Arthur H. Brewer.
Sergeant Krauth Cressman.
Sergeant Willis W. McCorkle.
Sergeant Garrett D. Woodside.
Sergeant William P. Schwall.
Sergeant George Hammer.
Sergeant Lawrence A. Auspos.
Sergeant Charles E. Nickels.
Sergeant Harry Wilson.
Sergeant Charles W. Garr.
Corporal Louis D. Goodrich.
Corporal Thomas D. Saunders.
Corporal Walter Hankins.
Corporal Clarence W. Sayers.
Corporal Walter R. Borg.
Corporal Alvin W. Parrish.
Corporal Leo Bramwell.
Corporal Francis J. Bradbury.
Corporal Charles H. Hamm.
Corporal Carl Gustafson.
Corporal James Robinson.
Bugler Verne V. Caldwell.
Bugler Harold F. Downey.
Private First Class William C. Wilson.
Private First Class Lloyd W. Anson.
Private First Class Basil H. Swearingen.
Private First Class William Lambron.
Private Layton A. Boyd.
Private Allison Reid.
Private Carl Nygard.
Private Garnette Leaf.
Private Roy Anderson.
Private Percy Eldridge.
Private Lervy Lawter.
Private William Lewis.
United States, and John Archer Lejeune. 1919.
A History Of The Second Regiment Of Engineers, United States Army:
From Its Organization In Mexico, 1916, To Its Watch On The Rhine, 1919
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