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Weiker, Eddie P., 4127225

White, RFD 3, Box 44, Fremont, O.
NA Sandusky Co, O. July 24/18. Br Fremont, O. 22 3/12 yrs.
Btry B 15 FA to disch. Pvt. Meuse-Argonne, AEF Aug 22/18 to Aug 4/19. Hon disch Aug 14/19.
15th Field Artillery helmet 2nd Division (Indian Head) Battery B 15th Field Artillery helmet and tunic identified to Private Eddie P. Weiker of Fremont Ohio who served with the AEF in Meuse-Argonne.

Photographs and text kindly contributed by eBay seller 'truthtonbay'
15th Field Artillery, Battery B insignia  
15th Field Artillery tunic  
15th Field Artillery, Battery B insignia  
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