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Bohnert, Wendolin Philip Bohnert, Wendolin P.; Jasper, Ind.; F; Sgt.; Prepn.; EW, Chateau Thierry; St. Mihiel, Blanc Mont; Attigny; Argonne; Rhine.
My Uncle Bon (W. Phil Bohnert Indianapolis/Jasper Indiana) was married to my mom's sister Kathryn. He was a charter member of and active in the Frat. Order of the Purple Heart. Enclosed newspaper photo. Proud Doughboy One of the proudest observers of Veterans Day yesterday as w. Phil Bohnert, 2023 N. Illinois, clad in the uniform he wore home from France in 1919. Those medals include the Silver Star, the Purple Heart, the Victory Medal and the 2nd Division Medal. There should be at least one more medal, just for being able to get into that World War I uniform. Indianapolis Times photo by Bill Boggs. (front page of Indianapolis Times)
Submitted by: Thomas Gebert
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