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Fifth Regiment, Marines

5th Marines Helmet
Photos of 5th Marines on The US Militaria Forum.
5th Marines marching to rest area after 16 days in the Bois de Belleau. Marching to rest area after 16 days in the Bois de Belleau. 5th Marines, Major J. S. Turrice [sic] commanding, Chateau Thierry, June 18, 1918.
VIERZY, France 1918 5th Marines VIERZY. First attacked by the 1st Bn., 5th Marines. Maj. Julius S. Turrill commanding. At 5 a. m., July 19, Maj. Turrill sent the following message to Lt. Col. Logan Feland, C. O., 5th Marines:
5th and 6th Marines at Sommedieue 5th and 6th Marines at Sommedieue
Verte Feuille Farm The Verte Feuille Farm was taken by the 2d Bn., 5th Marines, on the morning of July 18, 1918. Maj. Ralph Kayser was the commanding officer. The units in battalion were: 18th Co., Capt. L. S. Wass; 43d Co., Capt. J. D. Murray; 51st Co., Capt. W. O. Corbin; 55th Co., Lt. E. Cook, N. A.
La Verte-Feuille Farm After Its Capture by the 2d Division, July 18, 1918
Verte Feuille Farm Verte Feuille Farm
Photo by 2nd Engrs.
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• Photograph Scan, John Hayes White World War I Collection, Special Collections and University Archives, Oklahoma State University Libraries.
• Gift of Barbara Tessmann, John Hayes White's great-great-niece.
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