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Headquarters Ninth Infantry.
Bendorf, Germany, 15 January, 1919.

Stations of Ninth Infantry in France:
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Sept. 20—30 St. Nazaire.
Oct. 1—2 En route to Sommerecourt.(BourmontArea)
Oct. 3/17—Mar. 13/18 Sommerecourt, Outremecourt, Vaudrecourt, Soulacourt, Nijon.
Mar. 14—15 En route to Sous Sector Rouvrois.
Mar. 16—17 Ambly, Tille-sur-Meuse, Boquemoni Camp Gibraltar.
Mar. 18— May 2 Rouvrois,LaCroix,Maizey,CampGibraltar
May 3—5 En route to Toulon Sector.
May 6—11 Toulon Sector, P. C. Bouie, P. C. Brest
May 12 En route to Fains.
May 13—19 Fains, Veel, Longeville, Savonierres.
May 20 En route to Beaumont.
May 21—22 En route to Liancourt St. Pierre.
May 23—30 Liancourt, Loconville, Fey.
May 31—Jun. 1 En route to Chateau Thierry Sector.
June 2—July 8 Chateau Thierry Sector. les Aulnoi Bontemps.
July 9 En route to Cocherel.
July 10—15 Cocherel.
July 16—17 En route to Soissons Sector.
July 18 —19 Battle South of Soissons.
July 20 En route to Retheuil.
July 21—27 Retheuil.
July 28 Levignen.
July 29—30 Peroy-les-Combies, Boissy-les-Fresno.
July 31 En route to Nancy.
Aug. 1—4 Nancy.
Aug. 5 En route to Landremont.
Aug. 6—15 Landremont.
Aug. 16 En route to Bulligny.
Aug. 17—31 Bulligny, Crezilles, Bagneaux.
Sept. 1 En route to St. Mihiel Sector.
Sept. 2-8 St. Charles Ferme, Bois de Minorville.
Sept. 9-11 St. Jean, Bois dit la Rays.
Sept. 12-14 Battle of St. Mihiel Salient.
Sept. 15-19 Bois de Rehanne.
Sept. 20-24 Toul.
Sept. 25-26 En route to Nuisement.
Sept. 27-29 Nuisement, Cooles.
Sept. 30—Oct. 1 Camp Ferme Piemont.
Oct. 2-9 Engaged. Champaign Front (Battle of Blanc Mont.)
Oct. 10-13 Camp de la Lourde.
The Ninth U.S. Infantry In The World War. 1919. [Neuwied a. RH.]: [L. Heusersche buchdr. (J. Meincke)].
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