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The Second Division Day by Day — 1918

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Hd. ? 6th Marines,
18 Aug. 1918.

Memo for Regimental Adjutant:

The Headquarters Co. left "Dieulouard" at P.M. 16 Aug. and reported in detail as follows: Sapper and bombers platoon, 1 lbr. cannon platoon and Pioneer platoon to Camp "Bois de l' Eveque" at 1.30 P.M. 17 Aug.
(B) Regimental Signal Platoon and our Post Signal Platoon to "Colombey Les Beldes [sic]" at 5:00 P.M. 17 Aug.
(c) Casuals to 3rd Bn. hdqrs. "Autreville" at 6:55 P.M.
(d) Headquarters Platoon and Band to "Harmonville" at 7:05 P.M. 17 Aug.

Headquarters Co. Office located on Rue d' Autreville next door to Cafe "Brelle".

1st Lt. U.S.M.C.

August 19, 1918.
Journal of Operations, 2nd Division, August 19th, 1918.
Movement of 2nd Division (less field artillery) completed troops spending balance of day resting in billets
Releive of 2nd F.A Brigade artillery to be completed under F.O. #8 - 82 Division U S. Date of Command Passes 8 A M - 8/19 -
Date: August 18, 1918.
Location: Movement of 2nd Division, less 2nd F.A. Brigade, continues. 2nd F.A., enroute, in compliance with Field Order No. 8, 82nd Division.
Health: Deaths including killed in action.... 0 Officers 0 Men.
Sick & Wounded in hospital in present area
0 Officers 132 Men.
Sick & Wounded evacuated from present area
0 Officer 37 Men.
(Cont'd. on next page).
August 19, 1918.
War Diary of the Second Division, August 19 1918.
Ammunition on Hand: Small Arms :Belts and combat trains filled.
(Cont'd. from last page).
Artillery :Combat trains filled.
Ammunition trains filled.
Additional small arms and artillery ammu-
nition have been placed within easy reach.
Rations on Hand: 3 days' reserve with troops.
reserve in supply trains.
3 days'
Forage on Hand: 3 days.
Replacements received 6 Officers -- 0 Men.
Strength of Command, present and absent 1,028 Officers,
23,622 Men.
Strength of Command, in present area 896 Officers,
23,072 Men.
Available for duty 896 Officers,
22,940 Men.
Weather: Fair.
Remarks: Troops spent day in resting, and policing quar-
ters and equipment.
Rhea ATTESTED: (sgd) Madison Pearson
G - 3
J. C. R.
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