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The Second Division was organized in France in September, 1917. Its units, with their origin and previous history, were as follows:
Division Headquarters and Headquarters Troop.
Third Brigade: 9th and 23d Infantry, 5th Machine Gun Battalion.
Fourth Brigade: 5th and 6th Marines, 6th Machine Gun Battalion (Marines).
Second Field Artillery Brigade: 12th and 15th Field Artillery (75 mm. guns), 17th Field Artillery (155 mm. howitzers), 2d Trench Mortar Battery.
Divisional Troops: 4th Machine Gun Battalion, 2d Engineers, 1st Field Signal Battalion.
Trains: 2d Train Headquarters and Military Police, 2d Ammunition Train, 2d Supply Train, 2d Engineer Train, 2d Sanitary Train (Ambulance Companies and Field Hospitals 1, 15, 16, 23).
Other Units: 2d Mobile Ordnance Repair Unit, Mobile Veterinary Section No. 2, Motor Transport Corps Service Park Units 303-363, Salvage Squad No. 2, Sales Commissary Unit No. 1, Detachment Postal Service A.P.O. 710, Railhead Detachment, Clothing and Bath Unit 320-17, Laundry Unit 326, Bakery Unit 319.
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