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Horse and Motor Show, Bazaar and Track Meet Are Features

The Third Army carnival, one of the biggest military sport tournaments in the A.E.F. to date, opened in Coblenz Wednesday. It is a combined field and track meet, horse show, motor show and aviation exhibition. together with minor attractions, all in one. It might be called the State Fair of America in Germany.

Special trains and trucks brought the soldier-visitors to the carnival, and the Y.M.C.A., Red Cross and other organizations fed the men on the grounds. It was necessary, however, for the men to return to their own areas at night, as there were not sufficient billeting facilities in Coblenz.

The carnival will last six days. It opened with a horse show, which will last four days, and a two-day motor show. The preliminaries in the athletic events were held yesterday and the finals will be held tomorrow. Horse racing and aerial competitions are on the boards for Sunday.

Prizes will be awarded Sunday by Maj. Gen. Joseph T. Dickman, commanding general. First prize carries with it actual hard cash to the amount of 150 francs, a seven-day leave and a blue ribbon. Second and third places likewise carry proportional cash prizes, red and yellow ribbons, and five-day and three-day leaves, respectively.

The carnival is being held on Insel Oberwert, an island in the Rhine on the out skirts of Coblenz. The city of Coldenz spent about 40,000 marks in preliminary grading for the new track, as the field is to become part of a permanent athletic ground for the city.

The motor show opened with an exhibition of 13 classes of motor vehicles, from trucks to motorcycles. The second day was devoted to field events, the program including a slow speed race, tire change contest, tug-of-war between a German Daimler tractor and an American Holt tractor, caterpillar stunts, tractor obstacle race, machine gun truck exhibition and truck loading contest.

Prancing riding steeds, hard-working pack mules, Artillery horses, polo horses—ail high-stepped before the judges in the horse show and were later put through jumping contests. There were also competitions for animals hitched to wagons, machine gun, ration and medical carts and water wagons.

The horse races Sunday will include two half-mile races, two steeplechase contests and a pony race. Cups ancl cash prizes will be awarded.

The big day for the Air Service will be Sunday, when the aerial acrobatics will take place.

The Stars and Stripes - April 25, 1919
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