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Some 2nd Engineers on furlough at Nice, France, 1919.

Image of 2nd Engineers in Nice, France
Excelsior Hôtel Regina in Nice, France. One of these men was was known to be in Company "D", 2nd Engineers.
The whole group is thought to be from the 2nd Engineers. The hotel and statue are still there.
Photograph taken February 1919.
Hotel Regina in Nice, France
Hotel Regina in Nice, France

The link below is to another very similar photograph. These two photographs almost certainly indicate that the hotel was operated by the YMCA for soldiers on furlough. I have linked to this photograph which was posted by Patrick on Flickr. Click the link at bottom to visit the page it is actually posted on.
WWI AEF soldiers and YMCA Workers in front of statue of Queen Victoria and the Excelsior Hôtel Regina. Dated May 7th, 1919.
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