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Pelm, Germany

2nd Engineers crossing 30 meter concrete arch bridge at Pelm, Germany.
The March to The Rhine

... But there were very few men in the column who remembered the hike to Verdun, in the early spring of 1918; in one company eight, in another eleven; in the whole battalion the barest handful. It had been a long road. The first way-station was the Bois de Belleau; a lot of people stopped there, and were there yet. And there were more, comfortably rotting in the Foret de Retz, south of Soissons. And more yet, well dead around Blanc Mont. And a vast drift of them back in hospitals. Men walked silent, remembering the old dead. . . . Twelve hundred men hiking to the Rhine, and how many ghosts   . . . The mist rolled around the column.

"Fix Bayonets!" by John W. Thomason Jr., Captain, U. S. Marine Corps
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