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Fr 12th FA (75)
3 bns Fr 37th FA (75)
1st and 2d Bns Fr 232d FA (75)
1st Bn Fr 236th FA (75)
7th Bn Fr 107th FA (75)
1 bn Fr 333d Arty (155)
Aisne Operation and Chateâu-Thierry (Pas Fini) Sector, at times from June 2 to July 10, 1918.
7th Inf (3d Div) Chateâu-Thierry Sector, June 16-23, 1918.
Fr 280th Aero Sq.
2d Bln Co
Fr 44th Bln Co
1st Bn 30th Engrs (1st Gas Regt)
1st Flash Ranging Section
Chateâu-Thierry Sector, at times from June 19 to July 10, 1918.
52d Inf Brig (26th Div) Pas Fini Sector, July 4-10, 1918.
10 Fr airplanes
Arty of Fr 58th Div
Fr 288th FA (75)
Fr 11th and 12th Groups Heavy Tanks (6 Bns)
Aisne-Marne Operation, July 18-19, 1918.
Fr 49th FA (75)
Fr 247th FA (75)
Fr 317th Arty (155)
St-Mihiel Operation, Sept 12-13, 1918.
1st Aero Sq
1st Bln Co
Co E 1st Gas Regt (30th Engrs)
3 cos Light Tanks
1 co Medium Tanks
St-Mihlel Operation, Sept 12-14, 1918.
Fr 27th Aero Sq
Fr 252d Aero Sq
Fr 45th Bln Co
Arty of Fr 61st Div
Fr 29th FA (75)
Fr 35th FA (75)
1st and 2d Bns Fr 452d Arty (120)
8th Bn Fr 111th Arty (155)
3d Bn Fr 315th Arty (155)
3d Bn Fr 341st Heavy Arty
Fr 2d and 3d Tank Bns
Meuse-Argonne Operation, at times from Oct 2-10, 1918.
71st Inf Brig and 111th F Sig Bn (36th Div) Meuse-Argonne Operation, Oct 6-9, 1918.
67th FA Brig (42d Div) Meuse-Argonne Operation, Nov 1-2, 1918.
1st FA Brig (1st Div) Meuse-Argonne Operation, Nov 1-4, 1918.
Elements of 104th Aero Sq
Fr 214th Aero Sq
12th Bln Co
Co D 1st Gas Regt (30th Engrs)
Detachment Light Tanks, 1st Tank Brig
Meuse-Argonne Operation, at times from Nov 1 to 11, 1918.
322d F Sig Bn In Germany and en route to United States in July and Aug 1919.


2d FA Brig and 2d Am Tn at Le Valdahon, Dec 27, 1917-Mar 18, 1918; with Fr 58th Div in Aisne-Marne Operation, July 20-23, 1918; with Fr 12th Div in Aisne-Marne Operation, July 24-26, 1918; with 82d Div in Marbache Sector, Aug 19-22, 1918; with 78th Div in Limey Sector, Sept 16-18, 1918; with 36th Div in Meuse-Argonne Operation, Oct 11-28, 1918.
1st Bn 2d Engrs with 1st Div in Ménil-la-Tour Area, Feb 28-Apr 3, 1918; with 26th Div in Ménil-la-Tour Area, Apr 3-May 10, 1918.
Units of the Division with Fr 43d and Fr 164th Divs during Aisne Operation, May 31-June 3, 1918.
4th Marine Brig with 26th Div along Second Position in Pas Fini Sector,
July 5-9, 1918.
2d Engrs and Tn with 36th Div In Meuse-Argonne Operation, Oct 10-28, 1918.
4th Marine Brig with Fr IX Corps In Leffincourt Area during Meuse-Argonne Operation, Oct 21-23, 1918.
4th MG Bn with 1st Div in Coblenz Bridgehead, June 18-29, 1919.
1st F Sig Bn at Coblenz with American Forces in Germany Jul 12, 1919—Oct 31, 1921.

Sept 22, the War Department directs the organization of the 2d Div, Regular Army. The Div includes troops of the United States Marine Corps which are at Quantico or already in France, and units of the Regular Army stationed at Chickamauga Park, El Paso, Gettysburg, Governors Island, Philadelphia, Syracuse, Fts Benjamin Harrison, Ethan Allen, Myer, Oglethorpe, Riley, Sam Houston, and Camps Robinson and Vail as well as others en route to, or already in, Europe. The Marine contingent, designated to form the 4th Brig (infantry), includes the 5th Marines (formed in June at Philadelphia) which sailed, June 14-17, from Philadelphia and landed, June 26-July 2, at St-Nazaire, and the 6th Marines and 6th MG Bn, Marines, (both formed in Aug at Quantico) which are preparing to embark. The 3d Inf Brig, then known as the 1st Provisional Brig, is en route to France, and includes the 9th Inf, which sailed, Sept 7 and 18, from Hoboken and New York and landed, Sept 20, at St-Nazaire and, Oct 3, at Liverpool, the 23d Inf, which sailed, Sept 7, from Hoboken and arrived, Sept 20, at St-Nazaire, and the 5th MG Bn (formed in Aug 1917 as a Provisional MG Bn) which sailed, Sept 18, from New York and arrives, Oct 5, at Le Havre. The 2d Engrs, which sailed, Sept 10, from Hoboken via Glasgow, arrives, Oct 6, at Le Havre. Field Artillery units are at their old stations, and include the 12th FA at Ft Myer (formed from personnel of the 3d FA in June), the 15th FA at Syracuse (formed from personnel of the 4th FA in June), and the 17th FA at Camp Robinson (formed from personnel of the 8th FA in June).

The components continue to move overseas. The 1st Bn 6th Marines sails from New York, Sept 23, and arrives at St-Nazaire Oct 5. Oct 18 and 31, two detachments, 6th Marines, leave New York, and arrive, Nov 4, at St-Nazaire and, Nov 12, at Brest. Three field hospitals and ambulance companies move in Nov and Dec as follows: Nov 24, F Hosp 1 and Amb Co 1 leave, El Paso, sail, Dec 5, from Hoboken, and land, Dec 22, at St-Nazaire; Dec 1, F Hosp 15 and Amb Co 15 leave Ft Benjamin Harrison, sail, Dec 4, from Hoboken, and arrive, Dec 21, at Brest; F Hosp 23 and Amb Co 23 move from Ft Oglethorpe, sail, Dec 5, from Hoboken, and arrive, Dec 22, at St-Nazaire. Dec 12, the enlisted personnel for DHQ and Hq 2d FA Brig sail from Hoboken, and arrive, Dec 27, at Brest; 15th FA sails from New York and arrives, Dec 25, at Liverpool. Dec 13, 17th FA sails from Hoboken and arrives, Dec 28, at Brest. Dec 14, 6th MG Bn, Marines, (then known as the 1st MG Bn, Marines) sails from New York, and arrives, Dec 28, at St-Nazaire. Dec 15, 4th MG Bn and 2d TM Btry (recently organized) move from Gettysburg to Camp Merritt, sail, Dec 24, from Portland, and arrive, Jan 8, at Liverpool. Dec 22, 2d Am Tn, 2d Sup Tn and 2d Tn Hq & MP leave Chickamauga Park for Camp Merritt, sail, Jan 8, from New York, and arrive, Jan 24, at Liverpool. Dec 25, 1st F Sig Bn, en route from Camp Vail, sails from New York, and arrives, Jan 8, at Liverpool. Jan 11, 12th FA sails from New York, and arrives, Jan 19, at Liverpool. Jan 16, the remaining hospital units, F Hosp 16, and Amb Co 16, move from Ft Riley to Camp Merritt, sail, Jan 23, from Hoboken, and arrive, Feb 5, at Brest. Jan 24, 2d Bn 6th Marines sails from New York, and arrives, Feb 6, at St-Nazaire. Units arriving in England proceed to Le Havre after a brief stay in rest camps. Mar 30, the last element arrives at Bordeaux.

FRANCE, SEPT 24, 1917-Nov 11, 1918

Sept 24, the concentration of the Div (less Arty) begins with the arrival of a detachment of 5th Marines in the 3d (Bourmont) Training Area. Soon the 23d Inf and elements of the 9th Inf arrive from St-Nazaire. Oct 6, the 1st Provisional Brig is designated the 3d Inf Brig. Oct 23, the 4th Marine Brig (infantry) is formed at Bourmont. Oct 26, Brig Gen Charles A. Doyen assumes command of the Div. During Oct the 9th Inf completes its concentration and the 5th MG Bn arrives. [Jan 1, 2d FA Brig is organized at Le Valdahon, where the 15th FA arrived on Dec 30 from Le Havre, and where the concentration is completed on Jan 30 and systematic training is begun.] During Jan the 2d Engrs and elements of the 6th Marines, which have been with the SOS since arrival, the 1st F Sig Bn, 4th MG Bn, 6th MG Bn Marines, F Hosp 15, and Amb Co 15, join. [Jan 20-July 4, Div is under the administrative control of the I Corps.] In Feb the concentration of the Div (less Arty) is completed. Mar 13, Div (less Arty) moves to the area of the Fr Second Army near Sommedieue, southeast of Verdun-sur-Meuse.

Mar 17-30, Div participates with the French in the occupation of the Toulon, Rupt, and Troyon Sectors (Lorraine). The Div is affiliated with troops of the Fr X Corps (Fr Second Army) along the entire corps front on the line, 3 km northwest of St-Mihiel on Route Nationale No. 64, 1½ km northwest of Lamorville, ¾ km south of Seuzey, ½ km east of Vaux-lès-Palameix, south and east edges of Bois Loclont, le Saillant, east slope of Côte de Senoux, Bois des Eparges, Les Eparges, Côte 346, Monville Ancne Fme, Trésauvaux, Bonzée-en-Woëvre, ½ km south of Haudiomont. Night Mar 17/18, units, except artillery, enter the line and train successively by battalion, regiment, and brigade. The troops serve with the Fr 33d Div in the Toulon Sector, which includes the Eparges and Bonchamp subsectors, with the Fr 34th Div in the Rupt Sector, which includes the Ranzières, Mouilly, and Sonvaux subsectors, and with the Fr 52d Div in the Troyon Sector, which includes the Rouvrois, Lacroix, and Chevaliers, subsectors; Fr 15th Colonial Div (Fr II Colonial Corps) on right, Fr 131st Div (Fr XVII Corps) on left. Mar 2l, 2d FA Brig and 2d Am Tn join from Le Valdahon.

Mar 30-May 13, Div participates with the French in the occupation of the Toulon and Troyon Sectors (Lorraine). The Div is brigaded with troops of the Fr X Corps, and, later, Fr II Colonial Corps (Fr Second Army). Mar 30, Fr X Corps extends its sector north to include the Ronvaux and Moulainville subsectors, relieving the Fr 131st Div on the front, ¼ km south of Haudiomont, Haudiomont (incl), Ronvaux (incl), 1½ km north of Watronville, ½ km northeast of Châtillon-sous-les-Côtes, 1 km northeast of Moulainville, ½ km north of Eix; the Fr 34th Div is withdrawn from the Rupt sector which is divided between the Toulon and Troyon sectors; the Toulon sector is extended south 2 km to include the Sonvaux and the north half of the Mouilly subsectors; the Troyon sector is extended north 2 km to include the Ranzières and the south half of the Mouilly subsectors; Fr XXXII Corps on right, Fr XVII Corps on left. Apr 17, Fr II Colonial Corps relieves the Fr X Corps in the Toulon and Troyon sectors. Apr 25, 3d Inf Brig assembles in the Rouvrois and Lacroix subsectors, and the 4th Marine Brig in the Ronvaux and Moulainville subsectors where the brigade commanders assume charge of the fronts. May 9, Div begins a withdrawal from the front, and moves to the south and west of Bar-le-Duc; training. May 18, Div moves to the vicinity of Chaumont-en-Vexin in the rear area of the Fr Fifth Army; training. May 27, the enemy attacks the Chemin des Dames and threatens Paris. May 31, Div, at the disposal of the Fr Sixth Army, moves toward the front of the Fr XXI Corps northwest of Château-Thierry.

May 31-June 5, Div participates in the Aisne Operation. June 1, Div begins the occupation of a second line position on a 20 km front astride the road from Château-Thierry to Paris in support of the Fr 43d, Fr 73d and Fr 164th Divs which are holding the Fr XXI Corps front. This support position passes through Bonneil, la Nouette Fme, east edge of Bois de la Marette, Le Thiolet, Bois des Clérembauts, Triangle, Lucy-le-Bocage, Hill 142, east and north edges of Bois de Veuilly, woods southwest of Veuilly-la-Poterie, and Bremoiselle. June 2-3, the enemy captures Bussiares, Torcy, Belleau, Bouresches, Veuilly-la-Poterie and advances to the line from Triangle to Le Thiolet and into the Bois de Belleau; almost the entire position of the 2d Div becomes the corps front; a few French units which are in line withdraw during the following night. June 4-5, Div commands the front with brigades abreast, 3d Inf Brig on right, on a line from the eastern and northern edges of the Bois de la Marette, the eastern edge of the Bois des Clérembauts, Triangle, Lucy-le-Bocage and woods to the northwest, Hill 142, to ¼ km north of Champillon on the Champillon-Bussiares road, north edge of the Bois de Veuilly; it withdraws units in a support position east of the Bois de la Marette (in the zone of the Fr XXXVIII Corps); Fr 4th Cavalry Div (Fr XXXVIII Corps) on right, Fr 167th Div (Fr XXI Corps) on left. June 6, units formerly with the Fr 43d Div west of Champillon are withdrawn; the Aisne Operation merges into sector occupation.

June 6-July 10, Div occupies the Château-Thierry Sector (Ile de France). June 6, Div attacks; it advances towards Vaux, captures Bouresches, and clears the south portion of the Bois de Belleau; Fr 10th Cl Div (Fr XXXVIII Corps) on right. June 8-13, Div engages in a series of attacks and counterattacks, during which, on June 12, it temporarily occupies the Bois de Belleau. June 14, the sector of the 3d Inf Brig is extended to the left to include Bouresches, relieving elements of the 4th Marine Brig. June 15-18, 7th Inf (3d Div), attached, relieves the front line battalions of the 4th Marine Brig, which withdraw to support positions; the Div sector is reduced by moving the left boundary 1 km to the east, elements of the Fr 167th Div executing the relief. June 21, Fr III Corps assumes command of the corps sector. Night June 21/22, 4th Marine Brig reenters the front line, and night June 23/24, completes the relief of the 7th Inf. June 25, 4th Marine Brig completes the capture of Bois de Belleau. June 26-30, local actions. June 28, Fr 39th Div on right. July 1, 3d Inf Brig captures Vaux and clears the Bois de la Roche. July 4, 1 Corps relieves the Fr III Corps; 52d Inf Brig, 26th Div, relieves the 4th Marine Brig, which retires to the second position (army line) 10 km to the rear. July 7, 26th Div continues the relief, completes that of the 3d Inf Brig on the night of July 8/9, and on July 10 assumes command of the Château-Thierry sector, designated on July 2 the Pas Fini sector.

July 10-16, Div occupies the Second Position in the Pas Fini Sector (Ile de France). Div occupies the position with brigades abreast, 4th Marine Brig on the right, from 1 km south of Villiers-sur-Marne, through Bézu-le-Guéry, Montreuil-aux-Lions, La Sablonnière, Chambardy, to les Brulis (all incl), and consolidates the position. July 14, Div is assigned to the Fr Tenth Army and moves to the southwest of Soissons, where it joins the Fr XX Corps near Taillefontaine. [July 14-22, Div is under the administrative control of the III Corps.] Night July 17/18, Div relieves the Fr 38th Div on a 2 km front northwest of Longpont from ¼ km northeast of Chavigny to 1¾ km west of Verte-Feuille Fme; July 18, command passes.

July 18-20, Div participates in the Aisne-Marne Operation. July 18, Div attacks east, captures Beaurepaire Fme, Vauxcastille, Vierzy, and establishes a front 1½ km east of Vierzy; Fr 38th Div (Fr XXX Corps) on right, Fr 1st Moroccan Div on left. July 19, the attack continues and reaches a line, ½ km east of Parcy-Tigny, Côte 160, la Râperie. July 20, Fr 58th Div relieves the Div (less Arty) which concentrates in the woods east of Verte-Feuille Fme in army reserve. [2d FA Brig remains in line, supports Fr 58th Div until July 24, the Fr 12th Div until July 26, and then reverts to the Div.] Night July 20/21, Div (less Arty) moves to the vicinity of Pierrefonds and Taillefontaine, on July 24 to Nanteuil-le-Haudouin, on July 30 to the Nancy Area where it joins the Fr Eighth Army, and again on Aug 4 to the area of the Fr XXXII Corps, north of Nancy. [July 31-Aug 27, Div is under the administrative control of the IV Corps.] Night Aug 5/6, Div begins the relief of the Fr 64th Div in the Marbache Sector.

Aug 9-19, Div occupies the Marbache Sector (Lorraine). The front line of¾¾ the sector is 1 km southeast of Port-sur-Seille, Morville-sur-Seille, along the south bank of the Seille River to the northeast edge of Bois de Cheminot, Lesménils, La Vitrée, Pont-à-Mousson, Montrichard, Haut de Rieupt (all incl); Fr 32d Div (Fr XV Corps) on right, 1st Div on left; local actions. Aug 15, 82d Div begins the relief of the Div (less Arty) which moves to the 6th (Colombey-les-Belles) Training Area; the artillery supports the 82d Div until Aug 22. [Aug 18, Div is ordered to join the First Army.] Aug 19, the command passes to the 82d Div. Aug 27, Div receives orders to join the I Corps and on Sept 1 moves to the vicinity of Francheville where, Sept 3, 9th Inf enters corps reserve. Night Sept 9/10, Div moves to the woods north of Noviant-aux-Prés and Manonville and relieves units of 89th and 90th Divs in the Limey Sector; Sept 10, command passes.

Sept 10-12, Div occupies the Limey Sector (Lorraine). The front line of this sector on the south face of the St-Mihiel salient extends from ½ km southeast of Remenauville to 1 km north of Limey; 5th Div on right, 89th Div (IV Corps) on left. Sept 12, the Limey sector occupation merges into the St-Mihiel Operation.

Sept 12-16, Div participates in the St-Mihiel Operation. Sept 12, Div attacks on a 2 km front as the left Div of the I Corps, brigades in column, 3d Inf Brig leading, advances through the Bois du Four, Bois la Haie-l'Evêque, east part of Bois du Beau Vallon, Bois d'Heiche, Bois du Fey, Thiaucourt, and over the heights to the north; 5th Div on right, 89th Div (IV Corps) on left. Sept 13, Div captures Jaulny and advances a short distance beyond; 4th Marine Brig relieves the 3d Inf Brig. Sept 14-15, Div renews the attack and establishes the line, Bois de Blainchamp, Moulin de Rembercourt, east and northwest edges of Bois de la Montagne, 1½ km north of Xammes. Sept 16, 78th Div relieves the Div (less Arty, which supports the 78th Div until Sept 18) and the latter moves to the north of Toul near Ansauville and Royaumeix. Sept 20, Div moves to Toul; rehabilitation. Sept 25, Div moves to the south of Châlons-sur-Marne where it passes to the reserve of the French Group of Armies of the Center. Sept 28, Div moves to the vicinity of Souain and Suippes in the rear area of the Fr XXI Corps and enters the reserve of the Fr Fourth Army which is attacking between the Argonne Forest and Rheims.

Sept 30-Oct 10, Div participates in the Meuse-Argonne Operation. Night Sept 30/Oct 1, Div begins the relief of the Fr 61st Div (Fr XXI Corps) and elements of the Fr 21st Div (Fr XI Corps) north of Sommepy on a 3 km front which extends from 1¾ km northeast of the Sommepy railroad station to 1½ km west thereof. Oct 2, command passes; the 4th Marine Brig is in the front line; the 3d Inf Brig is in reserve south of the ridge between Butte-de-Souain and Navarin Fme; Fr 170th Div is on the right, Fr 21st Div (Fr XI Corps) on the left. During that day and the night of Oct 2/3 the 4th Marine Brig clears and occupies Essen Trench, which is ¼ km north of and parallel to the original front, and the 3d Inf Brig moves toward the Bois des Pins and occupies attack positions. Oct 3, Div attacks, the 3d Inf Brig advances northwest from a line which extends from ¼ km west of Pavon-et-Puits to 2¾ km northeast of the Sommepy railroad station, the 4th Marine Brig advances northward in the left half of its zone on a 1½ km front; the 2 km gap between it and the 3d Inf Brig closes as the attacks converge at the intersection of the Médéah Fme, Blanc-Mont, and Somme-Py, St-Étienne-à-Arnes roads. The Div front now extends from Médéah Fme to ½ km south of Hill 160, thence southward along the road from St-Étienne-à-Arnes to Somme-Py as far as the Médéah Fme, Blanc-Mont road, thence westward to the heights of Blanc-Mont; Fr 167th Div on right, Fr 21st Div (Fr XI Corps) on left. Oct 4-5, 4th Marine Brig clears the Blanc-Mont ridge and extends its front from ½ km south of Hill 160 to 1½ km south of St-Étienne-à-Arnes; the Fr 170th Div protects the flanks and rear of the Div until the Fr 22d Div relieves the Fr 21st Div and reestablishes contact with the 2d Div. Oct 5, Fr 73d Div on the right. Oct 6, Div uses the 71st Inf Brig (36th Div), attached, to relieve its front line units from ¾ km northwest of Médéah Fme to 1 km southeast of St-Étienne-à-Arnes, and the latter then withdraw to Pylone Hill and the Blanc-Mont ridge; Oct 7, command passes to the 71st Inf Brig. Oct 7, Div reorganizes the front line preparatory to an attack; French units enter the west outskirts of St-Étienne-à-Arnes. Oct 8, 71st Inf Brig, with 2 battalions 2d Div attached for flank protection, attacks, captures St-Étienne-à-Arnes, and pushes its right to the north of, and parallel to, the road from St-Étienne-à-Arnes to Orfeuil; Fr 7th Div (Fr XI Corps) on left. Oct 9, the trenches km north of St-Étienne-à-Arnes are occupied. Oct 10, 36th Div relieves the Div (less Arty and Engrs, which support the 36th Div until Oct 28 when they revert to the 2d Div) and the latter assembles near Souain and Suippes; the 3d Inf Brig passes into corps reserve, the 4th Marine Brig into army reserve. Oct 14, Div (less detached units) moves north of Châlons-sur-Marne to positions near Bouy and Vadenay; training. [Oct 19, 4th Marine Brig is placed at the disposal of the Fr IX Corps in order to relieve the Fr 73d Div near Attigny. Oct 20, it moves by stages to the vicinity of Leffincourt expecting to make the relief on the night of Oct 22/23, but the plan is changed and during night of Oct 23/24 this brigade reverts to the Div.] Oct 21, Div is ordered to join the First Army. Oct 22, Div (less detached units) moves via Herpont and Valmy to the vicinity of Les Islettes in the Argonne Forest where it enters the reserve of the V Corps (1st Army).

Oct 27-Nov 11, Div participates in the Meuse-Argonne Operation. Night Oct 25/26, 3d Inf Brig concentrates near Charpentry where the 4th Marine Brig joins it the following night. Night Oct 30/3 1, Div relieves the 42d Div, except the outposts which are relieved on Nov 1, from ½ km northwest of Tuilerie Fme, through the north edge of the Côte de Châtillon, 1¼ km south of Landres-et-St-Georges, to 1 km south of St-Georges; Oct 31, command passes. Nov 1, Div, on a 4 km front, as the left of the V Corps, attacks toward Bayonville-et-Chennery, advances through Landres-et-St-Georges, the east portion of St-Georges, Bois des Hazois, Landreville, Bayonville-et-Chennery, and establishes a line, which is held by the 4th Marine Brig, from ¾ km southwest of Barricourt, through a point ¼ km south of Magenta Fme, Côte 313, to Fontaine des Parades; 89th Div on right, 80th Div (I Corps) on left. Night Nov 2/3, 3d Inf Brig advances through the 4th Marine Brig toward an exploitation line from Nouart to Fossé and causes the enemy to withdraw from the Bois de la Folie. Nov 3, 3d Inf Brig advances to the line from Champy-Haut to Bellevue Fme, and that night pursues the enemy via the Belval-Bois-des-Dames, Beaumont road through the north part of the Bois du Port-Gérache to la Tuilerie Fme. Nov 4, 3d Inf Brig establishes outposts from near Belle Tour Fme to the high ground 1½ km south of Beaumont, the enemy withdrawing to the east bank of the Meuse; the 4th Marine Brig moves to the ridge southeast of Vaux-en-Dieulet. Night Nov 4/5, Div, 3d Inf Brig leading, advances toward the Meuse. Nov 5, Div enters Beaumont and Létanne and occupies the heights of the Meuse from the south edge of the Bois de la Vache to 1½ km east of Beaumont and ¾ km north of Létanne. Nov 6, 1st Div on left. Nov 6-7, elements of the 3d Inf Brig occupy positions north and south of la Sartelle Fme and along the east edge of the Bois de l'Hospice and Bois Luquet; the 4th Marine Brig assembles in the Bois du Four north of la Forge Fme. Nov 7, the boundaries are moved to the left; the 89th Div relieves elements south of Létanne and the 2d Div sends patrols into Villemontry and Le Faubourg, relieving the 1st Div; the new front extends from Létanne to Le Faubourg (both incl); 77th Div on left. Nov 8, 3d Inf Brig, with one regiment in support, holds the front; part of the 4th Maxine Brig moves toward the Bois du Fond-de-Limon which it reaches the next day. Nov 10-11, elements of the Div cross the Meuse east of the Bois de l'Hospice and reach the heights south of Moulins, the north and south ridge through Sénégal Fme, and Warmonterne Fme.


Nov 12, Div consolidates the position east of the Meuse. Nov 14, 77th Div relieves the 2d Div. Nov 16, Div (less one regiment sent to Stenay) assembles near Pouilly.

Nov 17-Dec 13, Advance into Germany. Nov 17, Div advances via Virton (Belgium), Arlon, Brouch (Luxemburg), Mersch, Larochette, Mettendorf (Germany), Rittersdorf, Prüm, Gerolstein, Nohn, Adenau, Ahrweiler, and Heddesdorf, and arrives on Dec 13 near Coblenz and northwest of Heddesdorf.

Dec 13, 1918-July 14, 1919, Div occupies the Coblenz Bridgehead as part of the Army of Occupation. Dec 13, Div moves into the Bridgehead and occupies stations in and northwest of Heddesdorf. Training predominates. Apr 18, units relieve part of the 32d Div west of the line from Dierdorf to Bendorf. June 18, Div concentrates near Dierdorf, prepared for a further advance, pending the signature of the Treaty of Versailles. June 28, the troops return to billets.


July 15, Div moves to Brest. July 23, 5th MG Bn sails. July 25, DHQ, Hq 3d Inf Brig, and Hq 4th Marine Brig sail. July 30, Hq 2d FA Brig follows. Aug 8, 4th Marine Brig, detached, moves to Quantico. Aug 10, the last element, Amb Co 1, arrives in the United States. During August the emergency personnel is demobilized and the Div proceeds to Camp Travis for station.

Order of Battle of the United States Land Forces in the World War, Volume 2 American Expeditionary Forces: Divisions
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