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15th Field Artillery Regiment Burials in France

Thanks to The American Battle Monuments Commission for making this table possible!
Sorting is by cemetery and then last name.
Last First Middle Rank DOD Entered Service From: Awards Cemetery
Brindle John L. Corporal October 05, 1918 Indiana CDG Aisne-Marne
Butler Paul T. Corporal July 25, 1918 Michigan   Aisne-Marne
Cummiskey Henry T. Private June 23, 1918 Massachusetts   Aisne-Marne
Heskett Forest C. Private October 06, 1918 California   Aisne-Marne
Kapich Blaz - Private First Class June 28, 1918 Michigan   Aisne-Marne
Kennedy Arthur - Private June 23, 1918 Louisiana   Aisne-Marne
McGill Richard H. Private First Class October 29, 1918 New York   Aisne-Marne
Peters Harry - Corporal June 24, 1918 Ohio   Aisne-Marne
Bailey Harold N. Corporal October 18, 1918 Minnesota   Meuse-Argonne
Bitgood Charles E. Private February 03, 1918 New Hampshire   Meuse-Argonne
Lewis Alva C. Private First Class October 04, 1918 Illinois CDG Meuse-Argonne
Pryor Edward W. Private November 03, 1918 New Jersey   Meuse-Argonne
Roeder Roland P. Private First Class October 13, 1918 Iowa   Meuse-Argonne
Royce Eugene C. Private October 07, 1918 Washington CDG Meuse-Argonne
Setser William H. Private First Class October 15, 1918 Kansas   Meuse-Argonne
Swanson Roy I. Private February 03, 1918 Illinois   Meuse-Argonne
Thoma James H. Private October 05, 1918 Iowa   Meuse-Argonne
Weinberg Samuel - Private First Class November 01, 1918 New York   Meuse-Argonne
Bailey Earl R. Private First Class October 06, 1918 Indiana   St. Mihiel
Baker Ralph V. Farrier October 04, 1918 Kansas   St. Mihiel
Butler Charles - Private First Class April 26, 1918 Florida   St. Mihiel
Cierniak Joseph - Clerk October 04, 1918 Indiana   St. Mihiel
Cunningham Oliver B. Captain September 17, 1918 Illinois DSC St. Mihiel
Faddis Elton V. Corporal October 07, 1918 Ohio   St. Mihiel
Haas Albert P. Private October 02, 1918 New Hampshire   St. Mihiel
Killion Charles L. Clerk September 28, 1918 Pennsylvania CDG St. Mihiel
Stephens Isaac W. Private October 03, 1918 California   St. Mihiel
Tucker Charles L. Private October 03, 1918 California   St. Mihiel
Wadsworth Lawrence H. Captain October 15, 1918 California   St. Mihiel
White Patrick C. Corporal October 20, 1918 Florida   Suresnes
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