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Young Men's Christian Association
Burials in France

Thanks to The American Battle Monuments Commission for making this table possible!
Sort is by cemetery and then last name.
Last First Middle Rank DOD Entered the Service From: Cemetery
Merritt Edward L. Secretary August 11, 1920 New York Aisne-Marne
Birchby James A. Secretary October 09, 1918 California Meuse-Argonne
Carley Leon A. Secretary October 31, 1918 New Jersey Meuse-Argonne
Crandall Marion G. Secretary March 26, 1918 California Meuse-Argonne
Edwards Charles C. Secretary October 31, 1918 Georgia Meuse-Argonne
Gibson Harry B. Secretary November 07, 1918 Pennsylvania Meuse-Argonne
Linn John A. Secretary October 08, 1918 Illinois Meuse-Argonne
Fisher Harry G. Secretary February 19, 1919 Colorado Oise-Aisne
Knight Alice J. Secretary February 21, 1919 Connecticut Oise-Aisne
Murray Walter R. Secretary July 16, 1918 New Jersey Oise-Aisne
Noble Charles S. Secretary February 03, 1919 Oregon Oise-Aisne
Pace Roy B. Secretary August 27, 1918 Virginia Oise-Aisne
Ransom Lorraine - Secretary February 24, 1919 New York Oise-Aisne
Valentine Gertrude C. Civilian June 11, 1919 New York Oise-Aisne
Wellwood Robert - Secretary May 19, 1918 New York Somme
Brooks Chauncy D. Assistant Secretary May 27, 1919 New York Suresnes
Brubaker Elizabeth A. Secretary October 28, 1919 Pennsylvania Suresnes
Chambers Hugh Brent Secretary October 19, 1918 Kentucky Suresnes
Colwell Joseph E. Secretary October 21, 1918 New Jersey Suresnes
Farr George - Civilian July 16, 1919 Michigan Suresnes
Gay Dorothea - Civilian November 13, 1918 New York Suresnes
Grose Richard C. Secretary June 06, 1919 Canada Suresnes
Hefflon Joseph H. Secretary January 06, 1919 Massachusetts Suresnes
Jones Thomas B. Secretary December 14, 1918 New York Suresnes
Lawwill Hugh S. Secretary November 13, 1918 Indiana Suresnes
Martin Winona C. Civilian March 11, 1918 New York Suresnes
McComber Steward A. Civilian November 05, 1919 New York Suresnes
Robertson Nelle - Secretary March 23, 1919 Illinois Suresnes
Rogers Alice C. Secretary March 21, 1919 Connecticut Suresnes
Scott Thomas L. Civilian March 11, 1919 Indiana Suresnes
Seligman Lewis S. Secretary May 24, 1919 Tennessee Suresnes
Seymour Harry P. Civilian October 24, 1917 New York Suresnes
Slocum Esther - Secretary May 05, 1919 New Jersey Suresnes
Sweet Benjamin V. Secretary April 04, 1919 Maine Suresnes
Woodhead Howard - Secretary June 08, 1919 Illinois Suresnes
POST-CARD furnished by the American Y. M. C. A. for free distribution to members of the A. E. F.

I would be true for there are those who trust me,
I would be pure for there are those who care,
I would be strong for there is much to suffer,
I would be brave for there is much to dare.
I would be friend to all the poor and friendless,
I would be giver and forget the gift,
I would be humble for I know my weakness,
I would look up and love and laugh and lift.

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