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FRANCE, 3 June '18 - 3:00 P.M.
NO. 7             )

MAP: MEAUX - 1/80,000.

The enemy attacks along the line MONTCOURT; BOURESCHES; BOIS-de-BELLEAU; TORCY; BUSSIARES; GANDELU; CHEZY-en-ORXOIS. The 164th French Division, south of the CHATEAU THIERRY LA FERTE ROAD and the 43rd French Division, north of the CHATEAU THIERRY ROAD, hold the line BOIS-du-LOUP, (3 kilometers southwest of CHATEAU THIERRY); CROGIS; BOIS-de-la-MARETTE; BOIS-des-CLEREMBAUTS; TRIANGLE; BOURESCHES; BOIS-de-BELLEAU; BELLEAU; TORCY; BUSSIARES; wood southwest of BUSSIARES; small wood southeast of ELOUP; VEUILLY; LA POTERIE; LES GRANGES.

Communication is maintained with the 38th Army Corps on our right, and the 7th Army Corps on our left.

II. The 2nd Division (less the 23rd Infantry, Cos. C & D, 5th M. G. Bn., and Co. G, 2nd Engineers) will occupy and hold the line; LA NONETTE; LE THIOLET; BOIS-des-CLEREMBAUTS; TRIANGLE; LUCY-le-BOCAGE; wood northwest of LUCY-le-BOCAGE; HILL 142; the northeastern and northern edges of the BOIS-de-VEUILLY, (inclusive).
  Divisional Limits:
Eastern: VAUX; BOIS-de-la-MARETTE; LA NONETTTE; FERME BEAUREPAIRE; VILLIERS-sur-MARNE; CITRY; CHARMESSEUIL (5 kilometers southwest of CITRY) all inclusive.

Western: COURCHAMPS, (inclusive); ELOUP; (exclusive); wood northwest of MARIGNY; VILLERS-le-VAST; (inclusive); PLATRIERE; LA BORBETTE, (inclusive); BEAUVAL; (exclusive); Railway crossing northeast of SAMMERON exlusive).

(a) The 2nd Artillery Brigade, reinforced by 3 groups of the 37th, 2 groups of the 232nd, and 1 group of the 236th regiments of Field Artillery (French) will go into position west of the line: DOMPTIN; COUPRU; and MARIGNY-en-ORXOIS.

The 12th Field Artillery, northwest of LA FERME PARIS and southwest of LA-VOIE-du-CHATEL, will support the 4th Brigade.


The 15th Field Artillery, immediately west of DOMPTIN and east of VILIIERS-sur-MARNE, will support the 3rd Brigade.


The 17th Field Artillery, north and south of the CHATEAU THIERRY - LA FERTE road:

1 Bn. west of LA FERME PARIS,
1 Bn. near BOIS-Gros-JEAN,
1 Bn. near l'HOPITAL FERME,
  will support both brigades.
      Headquarters: MONTREUIL-aux-LIONS.

3 Groups of the 37th Field Artillery (French) immediately west of LA-VOIE-DU-CHATEL; west of COUPRU, will be assigned special missions by the Brigade commander.

2 Groups of the 232nd Field Artillery (French) between LA-VOIE-du-CHATEL and VENTELET FERME willbe assigned special missions by the Brigade commander.

1 Group of the 236th Field Artillery (French) on the ridge 2 kilometers north by west of LA FERME PARIS will be assigned special missions by the Brigade commander.

A Field Officer has been appointed by the Commanding General, 21st Army Corps, to command all French artillery units.

A Liaison Officer will be detailed for permanent duty with the Commanding General, 21st Army Corps Artillery.


(b) 3RD BRIGADE (less 23rd Infantry, and Cos.C & D, 5th M. G. Bn.):
(c) 4th BRIGADE: Sector LE THIOLET (exclusive); BOIS-des- CLEREMBAUTS: TRIANGLE; LUCY-le-BOCADE [sic]; Wood northwest of LUCY-le-BOCADE; HILL 142; Northeastern and northern edge BOIS-de-VAUILLY (inclusive).
       Liaison will be established with the 23rd Infantry, temporarily detached with the 43rd French Division, on the left.
(d) French machine gun companies, serving with regiments remain until 24 hours after being replaced by machine gun units of the division.
(e) 2nd Engineers:
Co. C to 23rd Infantry,
1st Bn. (less Co. C) to 3rd Brigade, for entrenching duty. Upon completion to Brigade reserve.
2nd Bn. to 4th Brigade for entrenching duty. Upon completion to Brigade reserve.
(f) The 1st battalion, 9th Infantry, reinforced by the 4th Machine Gun Bn. to wood west of LA LANGUE FERME, as Division reserve.
(g) The 1st battalion, 9th Infantry, will be relieved 3 June '18, 6:00 P.M. by a battalion 30th Infantry from 3rd Division, (U.S.). Upon being relieved it will comply with paragraph (f).
(h) French troops in front of the line held by the 2nd Division will retire through our lines during night 3-4 June. EXCEPTION: The dismounted cavalry holding the BOIS-de-la-MARETTE continue to hold thier [sic] position and are attached to the 3rd Brigade. Arrangements of relief by Brigade Commanders, details by Battalion Commanders.
(i) The 1st Field Signal Battalion will establish lines of information to the 21st Army Corps, brigade, French artillery units, ammunition train and Division reserve, using French lines whenever practicable. French operators furnished by the Telegraph Detachment of the 164th Division will be placed at switchboards along with the American operators. They, and radio men of French Army left at wireless station, are under the Signal Officer, 2nd Division.
(j) Plan of Liaison see ANNEX I.
(k) Axes [sic] of Liaison:

Army Corps: Main road (Grand Route) to PARIS from LA LOGE to LA RUE; CHEMIGNY; LA FERTE-sous-JOUARRE; JOUARRE.




Army Corps: CHEMIGNY.
43rd Division: LA LOGE.
164th Division: MONTREUIL-aux-LIONS.
(l) Aviation:
Escadrille 27 works with the Division.
Balloon 21 will make its ascensions on the road COURBOIN-BLESMES.
(m) Command passes to the 2nd Division 4th June '18 8:00 A.M.
IV. Sanitary Train:
Field Hospital No. 1 --BEZU-le-GUERY.
   "           "   No. 16 --CHATEAU-la-RUE.
    "          "   Nos.16 & 23 --MEAUX.
Amblance [sic] Co. No. 1 --SABLONNIERE.
     "                 "   No. 15 --COUPRU.
     "                 "   No. 16 --Apportioned to artillery.
     "                 "   No. 23 --BEZU-le-GUERY.
  Ammunition Train:
Motor Battalion: To east of CHATEAU THIERRY-LA FERTE, at road fork North of CHATEAU-la-RUE.
Horse Battalion: To woods on west side of ravine running southeast from MONTREUIL-aux-LIONS to STE. AULDE.
  Engineer Train:
Motor Secton [sic] with motor battalion Ammunition Train.
Horse Secton with horse battalion Ammunition Train.
Supply Train, MEAUX.
  Field and Combat Trains (artillery excepted) to woods on west side of ravine running southeast of MONTREUIL-aux-LIONS to STE.AULDE. Those of artillery to join organizations.
By Command of Major General Bundy:
Colonel, General Staff,
Chief of Staff.
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Records Of The Second Division (Regular) Field Orders 1918 - 1919 Volume 1
Second Division Historical Section, The Army War College, Washington, D. C.
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