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BAR-le-DUC )  
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WASSY ) 80,000.
1. The division will move, in accordance with a March Table to be prepared and issued later, to the areas COMBLES and VANAULT-les-DAMES. Movement to begin May the 9th.
II. Organizations will be billeted as follows:
Division Headquarters
Headquarters Troop,
(     "             "
4th Machine Gun Battalion, COUVONGES
1st Field Signal Battalion, ROBERT ESPAGNE
Headquarters, 3rd Brigade, FAINS
5th Machine Gun Battalion, LONGEVILLE
9th Infantry, (FAINS - VEEL -
23rd Infantry,

Headquarters, 4th Brigade,
6th Machine Gun Battalion, VANAULT-les-DAMES
5th Marines, (HEILTZ-l'EVEQUE,
6th Marines, (DOUCEY - ROSAY
Headquarters, 2nd Artillery Brigade COMBLES
12th Field Artillery, POSSESSE - VERNANCOURT
15th Field Artillery, BRILLON,
17th Field Artillery, (VANAULT-les-DAMES,
2nd Trench Mortar Battery, (REIMS-la-BRULEE
2nd Engineers - 1st Battalion,
(From 26th Division)
Headquarters & 2nd Battalion,
Headquarters Train & Military Pol. ROBERT ESPAGNE.
Ammunition Train (Motor Section) (REGION of VAUCLERC,
Ecriennes, Faremont
Ammunition Train ( Horse Section) FAVRESSE, SCRUPT,ST.VRAIN
Mobile Ordnance Repair Shop, ( REGION of VAULERC -
Machine Shop/Unit #303.
2nd Engineer Train, COMBLES,
Sanitary Train, VILLERS-le-SEC, TREMONT
III.   The following extract from G. O. 18, A.E.F., 1918, is published:

"Troops proceeding to an area for billeting will be preceded by at least one day by one officer per village to be occupied, together with one N.C.O. from each company or similar unit. The officer will report to the T. M. The strength of the units he represents. It will be furnished by the T. M. With a written assignment to Billups, and a rough map of the village. The officer and his end. See. Or periods apostrophe s then visit the billets, arrange details of assignment, meet their units on arrival and conduct them to their billets."


Billeting parties organized by regimental and separate organizations commanders, in accordance with the above paragraph, will be provided with five days' rations, bicycles, and, carrying their full equipment, will report to a representative of G-1, at the office of the Judge Advocate of the Division, in the Chateau at Ancemont at 8:00 A.M., May 9th. Motor transportation will be provided to the new areas. Upon arrival, they will report to the Town Major of those Zones as indicated below:

Zone of COMBLES:
(Town of Combles).
Zone of VANAULT-les-DAMES.
(Town of Vanault-les-Dames).
Division Headquarters, Headquarters, 4th Brigade
Headquarters Troop, 6th Machine Gun Battalion,
4th Machine Gun Battalion, 5th Marines,
1st field Signal Battalion, 6th Marines,
Headquarters, 3rd Brigade, 12th Field Artillery,
5th Machine gun Bn. 17th Field Artillery,
9th Infantry, 2nd Trench Mortar Battery,
23rd Infantry, 2nd Engineers, 1st Battalion,
Headquarters, 2nd Artillery Brigade,  
15th field artillery, Ammunition Train, Motor Section
2nd Engs. Hdqrs., 2nd Battalion, Ammunition Train, Horse Section (part)
Ammunition Train, Horsed section, (part) Supply Train (part)
Supply train (part) Mobile Ordnance Repair Shop,
Machine Shop Truck Unit #303 Sanitary Train (part)
2nd Engineer Train,  
Sanitary Train, (part)  
and will arrange and allot billets for their organizations. Regimental and separate organization commanders will indicate subsidiary assignments as they see fit.

EXCEPTION: It is desired to have the Headquarters of the 23rd Infantry at ROBERT ESPAGNE.

Maps indicating location of billeting areas are attached herewith.

Change in railheads will be announced later.
VII. One echelon of division head[q]uarters will move to ROBERT ESPAGNE on May 9th and open at 12:00 noon. One echelon, charged with the transaction of all matters relating to the evacuation of the present area will remain at its present emplacement until further orders. Business relating to the new area will be transacted with the echelon at ROBERT ESPAGNE.
Colonel, General Staff,
A. C. of S. — G-1.
Note: The text jumps from IV to VII in the book. It is an error in the original. There is no missing page. Ed.
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Records Of The Second Division (Regular) Field Orders 1918 - 1919 Volume 1
Second Division Historical Section, The Army War College, Washington, D. C.
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