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Germany, December 17, 1918.


1. The administrative offices of Division Headquarters are located in the school Building No.41 ENGERSER CHAUSSEE Street, HEDDERSDORF [sic]. The Division Paymaster's office is located in the same building.

2. The Motor Transport Officer and the M.S.T.Units are located at the North end of the Steel plant at RASSELSTEIN, between HEDDERSDORF and NIEDER BIEBER.

3. The Mobile Veterinary Unit is located at BENDORF. Sick and disabled animals will bo evacuated to that point.

4. The Mobile Ordnance Repair Shop is located at NIEDER HAMMERSTEIN. It is prepared to repair webbing and leather equipment. Unserviceable equipment of this character will not be salvaged until it has been submitted to the M.O.R. S. and found to be beyond repair.

5. The Division Gasoline and Oil dump is located in HEDDERSDORF, across from 94 HEDDESDORF Strasse.

6. The Sales Cimmissary [sic] is located at No.10,HOFGRUNDCHEN Street, HEDDESDORF.

7. The Post Office is located at No.44 HEDDESDORF Strasse, HEDDESDORF.

8. The Quartermaster and Ordnance property dumps are located in large soap factory in HEDDESDORF near Railroad Freight Station.

9. The Subsistence and Property branch offices of the Division Quartermaster are located in small waiting room, east of NEUWIED Station.

10. The Salvage dump is located at east end of NEUWIED Freight yard.

11. The Division Dental Labratory [sic] is located at No.62 HEDDES-dorf Strasse.

12. Organizations that have riot already done so, will submit requisitions at once for the necessary number of bedsacks.

13. WOOD SUPPLY: Organizations EXCEPT those stationed in HEDDESDORF will requisition wood from the Burgomasters of the towns in which they are located. Organizations stationed in HEDDESDORF obtain wood from the Division Quartermaster's wood dump. The Division Q.M. will maintain this dump by requisition on the Burgomaster.

  By command of Major General Lejeune:
Lieut.Col., General Staff,A.E.F.,
A.C. of S., G-1.
DISTRIBUTION: Division Staff,Brigade,Regimental,Battalion,Separate Organization Commanders, Supply Officers.
Records Of The Second Division (Regular) Field Orders 1918 - 1919 Volume 1
Second Division Historical Section, The Army War College, Washington, D. C.
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