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Germany, 19th December, 1918.
G-3 Order No. 6.

1. The blockade of Germany continues along the RHINE RIVER.

2. The 2nd Division will establish posts on the right(east) bank of the RHINE from VALLENDAR (inclusive) to the northwest limit of the bridgehead opposite SINZIG, (NEUWIED excepted), to prevent the passage by boat, train or other means, of ammunition and supplies from the south to the north bank of the RHINE.

3. (a) The 3rd Brigade will establish and maintain the necessary guard from VALLENDAR (inclusive) to ENGERS (exclusive)

    (b) The 2nd Engineers will establish and maintain necessary guard from ENGERS (inclusive) to HERMANNS HUTTE (exclusive) in NEUWIED.

    (c) The 4th Brigade will establish and maintain the necessary guard from the northern end of SCHLOSS PARK at NEUWIED (exclusive) to the bridgehead boundary line opposite SINZIG.

    (x) Guards will be placed at all bridges, all ferry landings and all railway stations. Patrols will visit boat landings, while boats are discharging. They will patrol the bank of the river at irregular intervals. The ordinary passage of market produce intended for local consumption will not be interfered with. Shipments of food in large quantities, ammunition or other war material will be held and these Headquarters notified.

4. Railway trains will be examined at VALLENDAR by troops of the 3rd Brigade, who in addition to carrying out the provisions noted in Paragraph 3(x) above, will arrest all soldiers travelling on trains without the proper authority, and place them in the custody of the M.P. 2nd Division. Officers travelling without proper authority will be detained. Prompt report by telephone, followed by a written report will be made to these Headquarters, on the detention of officers.

By command of Major General Lejeune:
Colonel, General Staff
Chief of Staff

Lt.Col., (Marines)Gen. Staff
A,C. of S.G-3
Records Of The Second Division (Regular) Field Orders 1918 - 1919 Volume 1
Second Division Historical Section, The Army War College, Washington, D. C.
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