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Headquarters Second Division (Regular)
American Expeditionary Forces.
Germany, 19th December, 1918.
19:00 Hours.

G-3 ORDER NO. 7.

1. The Division area has been extended to include the town of VALLENDAR.

2. The 23rd Infantry will proceed by marching from their present location to VALLENDAR, where they will be stationed. Field Hospital 23, now at VALLENDAR, will not be disturbed by the incoming troops of the 23rd Regiment.

3. The 2nd Engineers and Engineer Train will proceed from their present station by marching to ENGERS, which is being vacated by the 23rd Infantry. Field Hospital No. 1 will not be disturbed by the incoming troops.

4. The movement of these units will be completed by 18:00 Hours, 20th December, 1918. Advance billeting parties will proceed these organizations. The customary march discipline will be enforced.

By Command of Major General Lejeune:
Colonel, Gereral Staff,
Chief of Staff.

Records Of The Second Division (Regular) Field Orders 1918 - 1919 Volume 1
Second Division Historical Section, The Army War College, Washington, D. C.
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