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Headquarters second Division,
Fort Sam Houston, Texas,
November 1, 1924.

This volume, copied literally from original documents and most carefully compared, is the initial step in the collection and publication, by the Division, of all documents and records bearing on its service in the World War. With the succeeding volumes, yet to appear, will form the source material from which the history of the Division will be written.

Incorrect numbers were assigned several Field Orders when issued. They have however been arranged according to date with an explanatory notation. All maps to which references are made are bound in a separate volume.

Captain Cylburn O. Mattfeldt, D, S. C., Ninth Infantry, in charge of the Historical Section of the General Staff of the Division, brings to this task personal knowledge and professional attainments which assure the maintenance of a high standard of historical accuracy.

Brigadier General,
Records Of The Second Division (Regular) Field Orders 1918 - 1919 Volume 1
Second Division Historical Section, The Army War College, Washington, D. C.
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