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Headquarters Second Division
American Expeditionary Forces
France, March 5, 1918.

1. In accordance with instructions from Headquters First Army Corps, the Second Division will be prepared to move to the front for one month's training about March 12, 1918.
2. The uniform for this service will comprise:
Helmet Drawers, woolen
Overcoat Socks, heavy woolen
Sweater, if available Gloves, woolen
Service coat, woolen Leggins, canvas or wrap puttees
Service breeches, woolen Field shoes
Shirt, O. D, Flannel English & French Gas Masks
Undershirt, woolen Two Identification tags
3. The following articles will be carried in the pack:
1 Blanket 1 Cake soap
1 Poncho or slicker 1 Tooth brush
3 pairs socks, heavy wool 1 Towel
1 Pair drawers, woolen 1 Over-seas Cap (if issued)
1 Undershirt, woolen 2 Days' reserve rations (not to
be consumed without orders
from the Division Commander).
1 Shirt, 0.D. Flannel
1 Razor
1 Comb

One pair of field shoes, and one service hat, in ease overseas caps are not issued, will be carried by each man on his person. In case overseas caps are issued service hats will not be taken.

4. In addition to above, 1 blanket, 1 pair service breeches, woolen, 1 bed-sack for each man, and 1 pair of rubber boots for each two men, will be securely packed in convenient rolls and properly marked for transportation by field train accompanying unit concerned.

5. Officers' baggage will be carried in field train, and will be limited to one bedding roll and one trunk locker.

6. Units equipped with rolling kitchens will store their field ranges ae hereinafter provided. Each company not equipped with rolling kitchen will take two field ranges.

7. Baggage and stores in excess of allowance authorized to be carried on combat and field trains, and all personal equipment and uniform not enumerated above, will be carefully packed for possible shipment, and stored in one place, as follows:

(a) At BOURMONT: For Headquarters Second Division: Headquarters Troop 15th Ambulance Co.: 1st and 15th Field Hospital Cos.: Train Headquarters and Military Police.
(b) At ST. THIEBAULT: For Headquarters 3rd Brigade: 1st Battalion 3rd Infantry; Supply Co, 23rd Infantry; 5th Machine Gun Battalion.
(c) At GONCOURT: For 23rd Infantry (less Supply Co. & 1st Bn.)
(d) At SOMMERECOURT: For the 9th Infantry.
(e) At DONCOURT: For Ammunition Train.
(f) At BOURG ST. MARIE: For Supply train.
(g) At BRAINVILLE: For 2nd Field Signal Battalion.
(h) At GRAFFIGNY: For 4th Machine Gun Battalion.
(i) At DAMBLAIN: For Headquarters 4th Brigade; 5th Marines; 6th Machine Gun Battalion.
(j) At BLEVAINCOURT: For 6th Marines.
(k) At ROZIERES: For 1st. and 23rd Ambulance Cos; 23rd Field Hospital Co; Engineer Train.
(1) At VRECOURT: 2nd Engineers (less 1st Battalion)

Storage facilities as required above will be provided: (a) at Bourmont, by the Division Quartermaster; (b) at all other places by the commanding officer concerned.
Clothing left in storage will be placed in barrack bags and stored seperately ready for immediate shipment to Division in bulk if necessary
Storage of property as above will commence on March 9th and will be completed on March 11th, 1918.

8. A detachment, detailed from the unit concerned and consisting of one officer, one non-commissioned officer, and from two to six privates - one of whom should have a knowledge of cooking - will remain behind as guard in those towns where property stored, except at Bourmont where this guard will be furnished from Military Police and will consist of one officer, 5 non-commissioned officers and 40 privates.

The above detachments will be rationed for forty days, and necessary field ranges will be left setup for their use.

Forty days forage will be left for any animals not taken with the Division.

9. Major Hugh H. Broadhurst 2nd Div. Trains. A.P.M. is designated as Zone Commander with station at Bourmont upon departure of the Division. Companies A and B, Military Police, will be assembled at once at Bourmout.

   10. Rations will be taken as follows for each man:
(a) In the pack, two days' reserve.
(b) In the cars with the men one days' travel and one days' cooked.
(c) With the baggage of the organization 2 days field.
(d) With the Supply Train three days' field.
   11. Forage will be taken as follows:
(a) In each car with animals two days! grain and hay for animal.
(b) In each wagon one day's reserve grain for animals of that vehicle.
(c) In Supply Train, two days' grain for each animal of division.

12, The prescribed allowance of ammunition of all kinds, pyrotechnics and grenades, will be taken.

13. Hotchkiss gun and ammunition carts will be filled for loading on train.

14. Signal and Engineer equipment pertaining to organizations will be taken.

15. Telephone and telegraph material not belonging to organizations will remain in this area.

16. Various Infirmaries in this area will be evacuated to the Camp Hospital, Bourmont, without delay, to which place all surplus Infirmary property will be sent.

17. Immediate requests will be made for necessary replacements to bring organizations up to full effective strength.

18. Officers and men remaining in this area and who may need medical attention after the departure of the division will be cared for as directed in later instructions.

19. Men left in the area who may join the division while it is at the front should leave here completely equipped.

20. Further instructions in regard to movement will follow.

  By command of Major General Bundy:
Colonel, General Staff
Chief of Staff
Adjutant General
Div. Inspector C.O. 4th M.G. Bn.
Div. Ordnance Officer C.O. 5th M.G. Bn.
Div. Signal Officer C.O. 6th M.G. Bn.
Div. Surgeon C.G. Artillery Brigade
Div. Quartermaster C.O. 12th Field Artillery
Div. Engr, Officer C.O. 15th Field Artillery
Div. Statistical Officer C.O. 17th Field Artillery
Ass't Provost Marshal C.O. 2ndTrench Mortar Battery
C.O. Headquarters Troop C.O. Train Headquarters
C. G. 3rd Brigade C.O. Military Police.
C.O. 9th Infantry C.O. Sanitary Train
C.O. 23rd Infantry C.O. Ammunition Train
C.G. 4th Brigade C.O. Motor Sec. Amm. Train
C.O. 5th Marines C.O. Horse Sec. Amm.Train
C.O. 6th Marines C.O. Motor Supply Train
C.O. 2nd Engineers C.O. Machine Shop Unit No. 303
C.O. Engineer Train Director Field Amb. Section
C.O. 1st Field Signal Bn. Director Field Hosp. Section


In the original paragraph 7 (b), it reads, "1st Battalion 3rd Infantry" a manifest omission of the figure 2.

C.O. Mattfeldt
Capt. Inf.
Historical Section.
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Records Of The Second Division (Regular) Field Orders 1918 - 1919 Volume 1
Second Division Historical Section, The Army War College, Washington, D. C.
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