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Headquarters, 2nd Div., A.E.F.,
France, 12 noon, 5 April, 1918.

MEMO. NO.2 )
1. Under verbal instructions from Headquarters, 33rd French Division, the following movements of units of this Division will take place at once:
(a) 2nd Division Headquarters:
20 Officers, including 4 from the French Mission,
30 men, including 5 from the French Mission,
    will proceed to P.C. TOULON for station.
The remainder consisting of
28 men,
14 animals
    will join the Headquarters troop, at ANCEMONT.
(b) The 2nd Artillery Brigade Headquarters:
9 Officers,
29 men
    will be placed with the Command posts and front line echelons of the 12th Field Artillery, the Distribution to be made by the Artillery Brigade Commander.
(c) 2nd Engineers, Regimental and Battalion Headquarters:
12 officers,
104 Men,.
91 Animals,
    will proceed to Camp de la CLAIRE COTE and FORT ROSALIER for station,
(d) The 83rd Co. of the 6th Marines:
7 Officers,
245 Men,
2 Animals
    will proceed to Camp de SOMMEDIEUE for stations.
(e) The Detachment Military Police:
1 Officer,
8 Men,
    will remain a guard in SOMMEDIEUE Village.
4 Men,
14 Horses,
    will proceed to ANCEMONT and report to the Commanding Officer, Military Police, at that station.
2. All organizations will be clear of SOMMEDIEUE village at 2 P.M. today.
3. The usual billeting details will be sent ahead immediately by the 2nd Engineers detachment and the 83rd Co4,6th Marines.
4. The change of station is only temporary. Necessary cooking utensils and equipment with supplies for several days will be taken. The remainder of the property will, as far as practicable, be stored in a dug-out in SOMMEDIEUE village.
By Command of Major General Bundy:
Colonel, General 'Staff,
Chief of Staff.
Copies to:
C.Gen.10th French Corps,
C.Gen.33rd French Division,
C.Gen.,4th Brigade,
C.Gen.2nd Artillery Brigade,
C.O. 6th Marines,
C.O. 2nd Engineers,
C.0.83rd Co.,6th Marines,
C.O.Headquarters Troop,
C.O.Miliitary Police, (Ancemont)
1st Section,G.S., 2nd Div.,
1-Div. Adjt. (File Copy)
Records Of The Second Division (Regular) Field Orders 1918 - 1919 Volume 1
Second Division Historical Section, The Army War College, Washington, D. C.
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