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Oct. 8, 1918
(Editor's Note: The original of this message does not show whether send during A.M. or P.M. It is assumed that it was written at 8:10 A.M.)
From: F.W. Paul C.O. Co. A. 4th M.G. Bn.
At I Trench 500 meters northeast of Medeah Stern.
Date: Oct, 8, Hour 8:10
To : Col. Arnold, 9th Trill,
1 am in position'en the ridge on the left flank of let Bn. 9th Inf. with two platoons. The third platoon was sent forward to the west of us to try to join you. I had one platoon gassed out of the valley in front of me. This valley is enfiladed by constant machine gun fire from the right flank. As far as I can hear the Frenoh on the right are not advanced or not much. There seems to be no good position for at least kilometer to the front of me. Will wait word here,
F. W. Paul.
(Editor's Note: The; original of this message is not available. The copy does not show A4M. or P,M. it is assumed that message was written at 9:05 A.M.)
Frlm: C.O. 4th M.G. Bn.
At : P.C. 5th M.G. Bn.
Date: Oct.8, 1918. Hour 9:05 No.1 Runner.
To C.O. Co. A. 4th M.G. Bn. (Lt. Paul)
Txert all means to get in touch with Col. Arnold or his battalion. If French have not advanced, he probably needs M. G. badly. Get some guns up to him as soon as pOssible. We must get in touch with him as that is our mission,
Bruce, Major.
(Editor's Note: A.M. or P.M. is not indicated on original of this message. It is assumed that it was written at 10:30 A.NO
From: F.W. Paul, C.O. Co.A, 4th M.G. Bn.
At :
Date: Oct, 8 Hour 10:30
To : C.O. 9th Inf.
I am enclosing note I sent to Lt. Col. Arnold. The runners found the 3rd Bra. of 9th and I am in touch with them, but were unable to get any word of the 2nd Bn. As we are still under fire from our right flank we are probably performing our mission here of guarding the right flank, so will stay in position here, sending up a platoon to the 3rd Bn. if they need them. It is reported that Lt, Col. Arnold's Bn. has gone over the top. This is against my orders, so will remain here unless needed forward. Please send this message on to 3rd Brigade Hdqts.
These runners will stay at 3rd Bn. 9th Hdqts in case of need of machine guns. I can move up only four guns as one platoon is rather badly gassed,
October 8, 1918
From: F.W. Paul.
At : Same P.C.
Date: Oct. 8, Hour 11 A.M.
To : Major BrUCe.
I am in touch with 1st and 3rd Ens. of 9th and with Brigade Hdets. Apparently Col. Arnold's Bn. went over the top. AS you Icnow this is directly against my orders, so I am waiting here for word from Brigade Hdcits. We seem to be back of the angle between our line and the French, One platoon (May's) pretty badly gassed. Please send chow up- The runner will show the Fords how far they can come.
F. W. Paul. •
October 8, 1918

From: C.O. 4th M.G. Bn.
At . P.C.
Date: 8 Oct. 18 Hour 21:00 No.2 Runner.
To : Lt. Paul.
Col. Mitchell now in command of liaison Bn., has made me make a sketch which I copied from yourst It shows your right platoon on reverse slope of hill near point 268,3-282.9. I am ordered to send out man and find out where platoon is and get answer in tonight about 12 mid. Can you give me a little more accurate location of that right platoon. I am sure it is not on reverse slope and directly behind as your sketch and other information show. Sorry about the bother.
Bruce, Majors.
NO TIME INDICATED October 8, 1918
(Editor's Note: The original of this message is not available. The copy does not indicate whether message was written during A.M. or P.M.)
From: 2nd Lt. Chas N. May.
At : P.C. 2nd P1.
Date: Oct. 8, 1918. Hour 6:50
To : Lt. Paul, P.C. Co.A.
Am now in position on crest of hill. Have located Lt. Baker and third (3rd) Pl.to my left. Send me a runner from your P. C. also send me back my runner I sent over last night.
Three (3) of my men were lost while coming up here.
Lt. May.
(Editor's Note: The original of this message not available. Neither time nor date are given on cony. It is assumed that message was written on pct. 8th)
From: F014 Paul, C.O. Co.A, 4th M.G. Bn. At : Trench midway between Medeah Stern To : Major Bruce.
Have placed two platoons in position near here. One platoon (Conti(' on next page)
Medeah Ferme.
NO TILE INDICATED October 8$ 1918 •
‘C°1s1ri t1;7, Ylley. The valley in front of me en-egded 14og; by M.G. ing
77 direct fire. Have sent messages forward to Col. Arnold who apparently has followed up the attack though one battalion of the 9th is in line with us. According
to advices the Frencn have not advanced on the Tight, hence the enfilade. Will remain here until I hear IfToM you or situation improves.
F. W. Paul.
Oct. 8, 1918
Lt. Paul:- has it Germans
Hell seems to have broke loose. Report n first line.
came overand-took what infantry we had i gays officer of infantry who said they had retreat to road. Most of infantry went on Couldn't stop them. Caught lst Platoon as the run, also two Browning machine guns. to be in front. French have draWn back on know where Barthel is but am going to try long as possible then drop back to railro please give me some dope as to what to do be no one to our right or left. been ordered to through me, they went by on No infantry teems Our right. Don't to hold here as ad if necessary. - there seems to
Lt. Baker.
From: At : Date: To
A.M. October 9, 19.8
F.W. Paul, C.O. Co.A. 4th M.G. Bn.
P.C. Tr. dfledeahe
Oct. 9 Hour 7 A.M.
Major Bruce.
YoUr note of last night just received. my 2nd platoon is aboUt 268.6-282..9 in the ruins of some old German buildings on reverse Slope of long hill behind and to the left of junction between French and our front line. It has a splensi did field of fire. Lt. Baker retorts that he has two Browns ing guns, salvaged with most of their crews from the mob of the 36th Div. that started back at time of German counter attack.
F. W. Paul
Prom: At Date: To
F.W. Paul, C.O. Co. A. 4th M,G. Bn,
Co. P.C.
Oct. 9
2nd Lt. Barthel. l 10 A.M.

. it I think you had better stay in position with the 3rd pla-
toon as
is a stronger position with a better field of
22:!. However see the Capt. of 2nd Engineers in position on
railroad track to your rear and have him supply you with
here for
infantry protection. I would like to have you come
a talk after you have seen the engineers. I
savecome up if necessary but have a bad foot and want to
e it if I can.
F.W. Paul.
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