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The Second Division Historical Section
The Army War College
Washington, D. C.

1 December 1927.

This Volume 5 of the "Records of the Second Division (Regular)" completes the collection and compilation of the Field Messages, notes, records of telephone conversations, and messages sent by other means of communication, of the Regiments and smaller units of the Second Division during the year 1918.

Every known source has been exhausted to make this Volume of Records complete. The utmost precautions have been taken in the collection of the documents, and in their compilation, transcription, and the final proof reading, to insure the accuracy necessary for the reproduction of the original. The errors in spelling, typography, and composition are copied as they appear in the original.

The records contained herein are arranged according to organization, date and time; and the messages appear under both the organization from which sent and under the organization receiving. In cases where the original has been badly blurred or date and time omitted, an "Editor's Note" has been appended giving our assumption of the correct placing of the message. Where it was possible the editors have consulted the individual who sent or received any message doubtful in this sense, and his opinion is given in the placing of the same.

Where code names occur, it will be necessary to consult Volume 1, "Records of the Second Division (Regular), Field Orders 1918 - 1919", for key to code names used on the date under consideration. These were laid down for all organizations in orders issued during the opening phases of each operation, and may be located in their normal chronology.

The experience and training acquired by my assistants, Lieutenant Francis J. Graling, Master Sergeant Arthur Counihan and Staff Sergeant Donald H. Baker, in the preparation of the previous Volumes of the "Records of the Second Division (Regular)", have contributed to the accuracy and thoroughness of this volume.

The Records contained in Volume 5, as in the case of the preceding Volumes, 1 to 4 inclusive, will serve as a basis for the History of the Second Division in the World War.

Captain, Infantry, D. O. L.,
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Records Of The Second Division (Regular) Volume 5
Second Division Historical Section, The Army War College, Washington, D. C.
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