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Journal of Operations, Second Division, October 29, 1918.

Weather Fair.
The troops of this Division occupied the following positions Charpentry- & Vicinity - 2d Div. Hqrs., Hq Troop., Tn Hq & Co A. Mil. Pol. 1st F. S. Bn. F. H. 15-16-23. Inf Sec. MORS. Eclisfontaine & Vicinity - MSTU 303 - 363. 2d Engrs. Chaudron Fme - Hq. 6 Mar. 5th MG Bn. 9th Inf Hq. Monirebeau Wood - 9th and 23 Inf 5th and 6 Marines Exermont - Hq 3d and 4th Brigs. 5th Marines 23 Inf. C. Drachen & Vicinity - Hq. 6th M.G. Bn. F.H. #1. Amb Co. 1-15-18-23 Balny-Fleville road (west side SW of Exermont - 4th M.G. Bn Charpentry-Eclisfontain road - 2d Supply Train Co G Amm Tr. The 2d Eng Train took position So. of Charpentry on Charpentry Very road. The day was spent by the troops in training. Les Islettes - Motor Btn. Sups. Train.
Records Of The Second Division (Regular) Volume 6; Operation Reports — War Diaries — Journal of Operations
Second Division Historical Section, The Army War College, Washington, D. C.
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