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Reports of Companies D and F on work done during April, 1918.

April 1-30, 1918.
AMERICAN E. F. 4 May - 18.

1. Co. "D" worked throughout the month on thirteen main jobs. The General supervision was exercised by the Company Commander the 2nd in command in the company took charge of the office work and was company Gas Officer. Each of the other Lieutenants had command of a platoon.

2. All platoons worked eight hours a day except the platoon which worked on the Observation post. This platoon had a day and night shift each working eight hours. It was found far more efficient to work our men in the day time than at night and this was done wherever possible.

3. A plan of allowing one-seventh of the men of each platoon to rest each day was tried but was not efficient as it tended to disorganize the job and also prevented the commanding officer from making as thorough an inspection.

4. There were many small jobs worked on throughout the month such as the construction of barracks and officers quarters at Sommedieue, the construction of stables and the dugout for the company at Camp Eveche, work on a P.C, for Colonel McClosky at Camp Salperino and the taking down of barracks.

5. The work the first part of the month was interferred with by not having materiel when most needed and poor assistance from both Marines and French Infantry. These defects have been cleared up with the assistance of Major Brown. None of our jobs with the one exception of P.C. Anciens Sujets had compressed air and therefore on many of the jobs progress was necessarily very slow.

Alexander Kennedy, Jr.
1st Lt., Eng. USR,
Co."D", 2nd Regt. of Engrs.

May 4 - 1918.

The company worked throughout the month on four main tasks, three of which were divided into several tasks. Each task was carried on by a platoon and was under charge of the Lieutenant Platoon Leader. All work was in conjunction with French Engineers, 2/13 and under the general supervision of the French Division Engineer and Company Commander. Up till about the 24th of the month, the company had only five officers. Additional attached officers arrived on and after this date.

Two of the tasks referred to were apart from Company in the security of artillery, it being necessary to send rations and supplies to these Platoons each night. The work of each of these platoons was divided into four and six tasks, all being deep shelter work in rock, blasting done with cheddite, mechanical equipment not used. Frames and sheating used on this work. The shifts for this work were 3:30 A.M. to 11:30 and 11:30 A.M. to 7:30 P.M. Third position was on the construction of a large elephant (corrugated iron) cut and cover shelter with a deep shelter projecting from this. Corrugated plates all set and the major portion of cover done. Mining operations for deep shelter started towards end of month. All work in rock, cheddite used for blasting. No mechanical equipment used. Number of working hours, eight.

Fourth position or tasks on second position consisted of erection of Adrian Barracks, Officers Quarters, Kitchen, etc., repairing of roads and construction of three deep shelters. Number of working hours, eight. All material for works brought up at night by French. In addition to the above, several small tasks were undertaken in conjunction with other branches of the service, such as furnishing technical assistance and the repairing of dugouts, etc. On the 29th of the month, a detachment of twenty men from third and fourth positions were detailed away from Company on erection of hospital.

The work for the month of April being under French direction, progress, data, etc. was rendered to them. The French Officers in charge of this work seemed satisfied with results.

Jesse Lowen,
Captain, 2nd Engineers,
Comdg. Co.
Records Of The Second Division (Regular) Volume 7; Operation Reports — War Diaries — Patrol Reports
Second Division Historical Section, The Army War College, Washington, D. C.
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