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Report of 2nd Battalion, Attack August 7-8, 1918.

August 8, 1918
Headquarters 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, American Expeditionary Forces,
France, August 8th, 1918.
Commanding Officer.
Commanding Officer, 5th Regiment, U.S. Marine Corps.
Report of Attack, August 7th - 8th. 1918.
1. At 1:58 A.M. a patrol from E Company was in ambush at point 3771 - 2361, they heard a noise and immediately afterwards saw about 12 Germans N.W. of them and at about 100 yards distance almost immediately a large explosion took place among the Germans which caused a great deal of confusion and they asked for a barrage, which continued for over an hour and was quite heavy.
2. Just upon daybreak a patrol was sent out to the place where the explosion took place and one wounded and one unwounded prisoner secured and from them it was found out that the Germans seen were a raiding party, the explosion was from a loaded pipe, which they intended to use to blow up our wire.
3. The premature explosion caused a panic, the leader requested a barrage, and everybody scattered and the raid abandoned and no Infantry attack attempted, as the Machine Guns from S.P. Respaut opened upon them also. It apparently was a large party as the carrying part of it consisted of 24 men from the prisoners report.
4. Two Machine Guns at Respaut fired N.W. and W. by N. of their position during the barrage.
5. Eight men were killed and wounded from shell fire, and one ammunition dump at Vin Sans Eau blown up. The shelling was rather heavy, and including 77's, 105's, 155's and 210's.
6. Tracing from Mousson map 1,10000 showing different positions enclosed.

F.M. Wise.

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Records Of The Second Division (Regular) Volume 7; Operation Reports — War Diaries — Patrol Reports
Second Division Historical Section, The Army War College, Washington, D. C.
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