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Report of 47th Company, June 24, 1918.

24 June 1918
11:44 A.M.
From: C.O. 47th Company.
To    : Bn. Comdr. 3rd Bn.
I have to report the following named men killed and wounded by enemy 1 Pounders at short range, at about 10:40 A.M.
Killed Wounded
Baier, Ernest H. Muncey, Alton E.
Skidmore, Vin [sic Van] Reusuler Fagan, Clarence
Joyce Thomas H. Robinson, Andrew F
Brown, Joseph B.  

My officers and men are showing the effects of being constantly on the alert and under frequent shell fire. Lieut. Heckman is slightly shell-shocked but I think he will be all right in a little while.

This is not included in attack report.


The Positions held by the 4th Platoon (Heckman) and 3rd Pllatoon (Stallings) are catching hell from whiz-bang firing, which in many cases caves in the parapet of the trenches owing to the nature of the soil in which they are constructed. In many cases the enemy seems to be able to enfilade the above mentioned positions with his whiz-bangs.

G. Moseley.
Records Of The Second Division (Regular) Volume 7; Operation Reports — War Diaries — Patrol Reports
Second Division Historical Section, The Army War College, Washington, D. C.
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