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Report of Duties at Front - Co, "D", 2nd Engrs. - 14 June, 18.

From: C.O., Company "D", 2nd U.S. Engrs.
To    : Adjutant, 2nd Bn.,  2nd U.S. Engrs.
Subject: Report of duties at Front.

1. Company "D" on 11 June, 18. was ordered from their Rest Camp in Gros De Bois to report to Lt. Col. Wise, at the edge of Bois de Belleau. Upon reporting there at or about 4:00 P.M. s.d. I was ordered to take the Co. to the firing line position on the N.W. corner of the above woods. After wandering around the woods with incompetent guides we arrived at the designated positions about 7:30 P.M. This position was very much exposed to Artillery, Machine Gun and Trench Mortar fire and was also bombed by aeroplanes.

2. The dispositions of Platoons.

The first platoon under 1st Lt. Chase was taken into action with the Marines against Machine Gun positions. This platoon soon ran out of ammunition but managed to pick up more ammunition in the Woods. This engagement lasted about one-half hour. After the engagement the platoon took its position with Co. and dug in. This platoon went into action 44 men and came out with 26, 18 were killed wounded, missing.

The Second Platoon: This Platoon assisted the Marines as Raiding parties, after raiding parties, came in they rejoined Company and entrenched themselves. This Platoon was in a very exposed position and subjected to Artillery, Machine Gun and Trench Mortar Battery fire. This Platoon was also subjected to heavy Mustard Gas attack. Casualties of this Platoon: Killed - 2, wounded - 13, missing - 2.

Third Platoon: This Platoon remained in the line held by the company the entire time and was subjected to Artillery, Machine Gun fire. Killed - 8, wounded - 12.

Fourth Platoon: Was not called on to leave the Company Position. This Platoon was subjected Artillery, Machine Gun and bombing of Aeroplanes, and was exposed by search-lights operated by the Germans which made their position an extremely hard one to hold. Killed - 6, wounded - 7.

3. Summary -

The portion of the line held by "D" Company covered entirely too much Front to be held by any one company, particularly a Company of Engineers, who are not equipped for this kind of warfare and who are not especially trained for this particular mode of fighting.

This company was also used for ammunition details and stretcher bearers by the Marines.

The only Engineer work done during the entire time was the digging of individual shelters for the Co.

Edw. N. Chisolm, Jr.,
Captain, Eng. U. S. R.,
Comdg. Co. "D", 2nd U.S. Engrs.
Records Of The Second Division (Regular) Volume 7; Operation Reports — War Diaries — Patrol Reports
Second Division Historical Section, The Army War College, Washington, D. C.
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