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Sept. 12-15, 1918.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1918

1. After four days and nights of preliminary preparation, reconnoitering, digging emplacements, bringing up ammunition, setting up aiming stakes, and the preparation of firing data, the battalion was moved on the night of September 11th - 12th into selected position north of the town of LIMEY and concealed in trenches. By H-4 hours liaison had been established within the battalion and with the Division Machine Gun Officer, Division Headquarters, and 4th Brigade Headquarters. At H-1 hours all guns were in position, laid and checked by an officer for interdiction barrage on targets selected and assigned by the Division Machine Gun Officer. At 5:01 A.M. all guns in the battalion opened fire on their respective targets. At 6:20 A.M. all guns ceased firing. Ammunition consumed, 89500 rounds. Jams, few and minor. No casualties.

2. At 6:20 A.M. all guns were dismounted, cleaned and oiled. Empty strips were collected, placed in boxes, and sent to battalion cump [sic] at west end of LIMEY where they were turned over to Division Ammunition Train later during the day.

3. At 7:30 A.M. the battalion, in combat formation, followed the 4th Brigade on the left flank of the Division sector. The enemy was not encountered by the battalion in its advance. The battalion arrived on the high ground south of THIAUCOURT at about 2:15 P.M. where it halted until the 6th Regiment of Marines had gone through THIAUCOURT. After reconnoissance by the battalion and company commanders, positions were selected on the ridge 300 meters southeast of THIAUCOURT to cover Bois du Fey to the north, and ground between Bois du Fey and Bois de Bonvaux and Bois de Bonvaux to the northeast; and two ravines to the east and southeast of THIAUCOURT to be blocked. Especial attention was paid to Bois de Bonvaux for enemy counterattacks. Two platoons were held in reserve to be thrown into THIAUCOURT for street fighting. Upon reporting to the Commanding General of the 4th Brigade the battalion was ordered to be held in reserve at place selected. Ford cars with cooked meal arrived at 5:30 P.M. Sept. 12, 1918. Casualties in advance, one slightly wounded. No ammunition expended.

SEPTEMBER 13th 1918

1. The Battalion remained in place. Reconnoissance of ground from ZAMMES to JAULNY inclusive was made by officers. Also ground south of THIAUCOURT.

SEPTEMBER 14th 1918

1. The Battalion remained in place.

SEPTEMBER 15th 1918

1. At about 2:30 P.M. the enemy shelled heavily the location of the battalion. Casualties, four (4) killed; three (3) mortally wounded; eight (8) severely wounded; and sixteen (16) slightly wounded. By authority of Commanding General, 4th Brigade, battalion was moved to previously selected position 500 meters south of THIAUCOURT and remained in place.

2. In compliance with Division Order, the battalion proceeded from this position to Bois de Royameix on night of Sept. 15-16, 1918.

(Sgd) A. D. Bruce
Captain, 4th M. G. Bn.,
Records Of The Second Division (Regular) Volume 8; Operation Reports — War Diaries
Second Division Historical Section, The Army War College, Washington, D. C.
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