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Twelfth Field Artillery
Index—War Diary Volume 8

1. War Diaries as follows: 1st Battalion, March 20 to May 12, 1918; 2nd Battalion, March 21 to May 12, 1918; 15th Field Artillery, March 20 to May 12, and November 1-11, 1918.
2. Report of Observation, 1st Battalion, July 18-19, 1918.
3. Report of Operations, 12th Field Artillery, St. Mihiel Offensive, September 12-15, 1918.
4. Report Operation 1st Battalion, November 1-2, 1918.
(The above table of contents is merely an enumeration of the documents included under the heading Twelfth Field Artillery, and does not indicate that the material is arranged in that order. Instead, all reports are arranged by day or the period they cover, irrespective of the date submitted and regardless of the position given in the table.)
Records Of The Second Division (Regular) Volume 8; Operation Reports — War Diaries
Second Division Historical Section, The Army War College, Washington, D. C.
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