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Twelfth Field Artillery Regiment.

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12th F.A. burials in France

June 7, 1917, St. Asaphs, Va. (Fort Myer)
Names of Commanding Officers.
Col. Manus McCloskey (Jan, 12, 1918—Aug. 4, 1918).
Col. John R. Kelly (Aug. 5, 1918-Aug. 29, 19l8).
Lt. Col. John A. Holabird (Aug. 30, 1915—Nov. 11, 1918).
Col. David Mc McKell (Nov. 12, 1918 — May 10, 1919).
Lt. Col. John D. Von Holtzendorff (May 10 — June 14, 1919.
Col. David Mc McKell, (June 14, 1919 to date).
Date of Arrival in France.
Jan. 31, 1918.
Training Periods.
Valdahon, under French instructors and with French materiel.
Verdun Sector.
Supported different infantry units. Very little activity.
Aisne-Marne Defensive (Chateau Thierry.)
After forced marches to Cocherel from Trie Chateau, north of Paris, and from Cocherel to Paris Farm, took position between Paris Farm and La Voie du Chatel on June 3. Supported the Fourth Brigade, July 18—20. Remained in line to support esches during the month of June. Relieved July 10.
Aisne-Marne Offensive (Soissons).
July 15 began march to Villers Cotteret Forest, traffic congestion making the march difficult. Supported all attacks of the Fourth rigade [sic Brigade], July 18—20. Remamed [sic remained] in line to support French attacks until July 25. Entrained for Nancy area July 31.
Marbache Sector .
In line here Aug. 7—21, during which time there was very little activity Releived Aug. 21—22, by 320th Field Artillery. Marched to Xeuilly Aug. 23, and remained there in training until Sept. 3.
St. Mihiel Offensive.
Went into position behind Limey on Sept. 11th. First Battalion fired rolling barrage for attack Sept. 12th, the Second Battalion following the infantry advance. Positions in rear of Thiaucourt occupied evening of Sept. 12th. Remained in support of infantry until relieved by 19th F. A. Sept. 17. Marched to St. Germain-sur-Meuse.
Meuse-Argonne Offensive (Champagne).
Moved to Suippes Sept. 25—28, by train and foot. Took positions near Somme-Py night Oct. 1—2. Supported advance of infantry on Oct. 3, when Blanc Mont was captured, then moved behind the ridge to support attack on St. Etienne-a-Arnes. Supported 36th Division advance to the Aisne Oct 11—27.
Meuse Argonne.
Completed march Oct. 30 and got in position to support the attack of Nov 1. Moved forward with infantry each day and supported infantry in crossing of the Meuse, night of Nov. 10—11. Very severe campaign because of bad weather and poor roads.
March to the Rhine.
Started march Nov. 17, passing through Etalle and Arlon (Belgium) , Ermsdorf (Luxemboug) [sic Luxembourg], Waxweiler, Prum and Neuen­ahr, Germany. Final billets, Honningen and Rheinbrohl am Rhein, reached Dec. 13, 1918.
From dates of organization to June 1, 1919.
Coblenzer Volkszeitung, Coblenz, Germany.
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