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Jun2/17 Regiment organized at Syracuse N.Y.
Aug17/17 Battery leaves Syracuse
Aug22/17 Battery reaches Pine Camp N.Y.
Nov29/17 Battery leaves Pine Camp.
Nov30/17 Reaches Tenafly N.J. (Camp Merritt)
Dec11/17 Battery leaves Tenafly, boards S.S.Adriatic.
Dec12/17 Regiment leaves States.
Dec25/17 Arrives at Liverpool England.
Dec26/17 Arrive at Southampton England
Dec27/17 Arrive at Havre France
Dec30/17 Arrive at Valdahon France
Mar19/18 Leaves Valdahon.
Mar20/18 Battery entrains at Besancon for front.
Mar21/18 Arrives at Camp Canq Freres.
Mar23/18 Firing battery leaves Echelon for position beyond town of Rupt (Hill #441. Verdun Front)
Apr10/18 Echelon moved from Canq Freres to Blancardville.
Apr23/18 Firing battery withdraws from position returns to Echelon
Apr24/18 Battery leaves Blancardville moves to Ambly where Echelon is established. Firing battery takes position near LaCroix.
May 9/18 Battery leaves for Camp Canq Freres.
May10/18 Battery leaves Canq Freres.
May11/18 Arrives at Brillon where it is billeted.
May19/18 Battery leaves Brillon.
May21/18 Arrives at Delincourt.
May31/18 Battery leaves Delincourt and entrains for Marne Front.
Jun 3/18 Firing battery takes position north of Coupru. Echelon in Villers-sur-Marne.
Jul 7/18 Firing battery returns to Echelon.
Jul 8/18 Battery makes night march to Echelon near Chamigny.
Jul 9/18 Firing battery takes position near Bezu.
Jul15/18 Battery leaves Echelon near Chamigny and reaches new Echelon near Taullefontaine Jul 16/18.
Jul17/18 Firing battery takes position in Villers-Cotteretts Woods near Longpoint. (Soissons Front)
Jul19/18 Echelon moves to point near Longpoint.
Jul20/18 Battery returns to old Echelon near Taullefontaine.
Jul27/18 Battery leaves Echelon marches to Camp near Betz.
Aug 1/18 Left Forfry arrived at entraining station at 7/15 P.M.
Aug 3/18 Detrained at Jarville.
Aug 6/18 Arrived at Sanzay. 1st. Platoon, firing battery position near Raulecourt.
Aug 7/18 2nd. platoon takes position at Raulecourt, Wildcat gun at advanced position (Toul Sector) (Rambocourt)
Aug22/18 Battery left Sanzay.
Aug23/18 Battery arrived at Viterne where they were billeted.
Sept3/18 Battery left Viterne.
Sept8/18 Battery arrived at Royaumeix after traveling three nights.(Sept.6)
Sept8 Firing battery took up position in Bois-de-Haquemont.
Sept12th Firing battery takes position near Remonville. Sam[e] day advanced to position 3 miles S_. of (St. Mihiel Salient)Thiaucourt
Sept14th Firing battery took new position 1 1/2 kilos NE of Thiaucourt.
Sept16th Firing battery left position at midnight arrived at Bois-de-Heische.
Sept21st Battery arrived at Aulnois.
Sept26th Battery left Aulnois for Champagne Front.
Oct 1st Firing battery & forward Echelon advance to point 2 kilos N.W. of Somme-Py.
Oct. 1st Firing battery takes position near Somme-py.
Oct 3rd Firing battery & forward Echelon advance to point 2 kilos N.W. of Somme-py.
Oct1Oth Firing battery start advance through Maohault, Liffincourt (11th) Vaux Champagne (12th).
Oct 19th Entire battery leaves for Camp near Machault.
Oct 21st Firing battery takes position in Marquing.
Oct 28th Battery leaves camp near Machault for Argonne Front.
Oct 31st Firing battery takes position near town of Fleeville. [sic]
Nov 1st Firing battery takes position near Landres-St. George. Also position near Landreville s.d.
Nov 3rd Firing battery took position near Fossem.
Nov 4th Position neat od LaForge Farm. Position 1 1/2 Kilos S. of Beaumont on Nov. 5th.
Nov 9th Position 1 kilo from Qoncq.
Nov13th Echelon established N. of Beaumont.
Nov16th Entire battery at Beaumont. Leaves for Stenay.
Nov17th March from Stenay to Montmedy. 17 1/2 kilos.
Nov18th March from Montmedy to Belmont, Belgium. 14 1/2 kilos.
Nov2Oth Belmont to Tornioh. 20 kilos.
Nov21st Tornich via Arlon, Belgium to Tuntinggem, Luxembourg. 21 kilos
Nov22nd Left this town, arrived Schoosl 17 1/2 kilos.
Nov23rd Schoos to Waldbillig, 13 kilos where billeted.
Dec 1st Waldbillig, crossed German border, arrived Olsdorf 26 kilos.
Dec 2nd Olsdorf to Eblenz 21 kilos.
Dec 3rd Eblenz to Neiderhersdorf 24 kilos.
Dec 6th Neiderhersdorf to Gees 28 kilos.
Dec 7th Gees to Baenhausen 24 kilos.
Dec 8th Bainhausen to Niederadenau 30 kilos.
Dec 9th Niederadenau to Bad Neunahr 30 kilos.
Dec13th Bad Neunahr, orossed Rhine, to Wallendorf 34 kilos.
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