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Fourth Infantry Brigade.

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October 23, 1917, Bourmont, France.
Sixth Marines, Fifth Marines, Sixth Machine Gun Battalion.
Names of Commanding Officers.
Brigadier General Chas. A. Doyen (From date of organization to May 6th, 1918)
Brigadier General James G. Harbord (May 6th, 1918—July 15, 1918)
Colonel Harry Lee (July 15th, 1918—July 25th, 1918)
Brigadier General John A. Lejeune (July 25, 1918—July 28, 1918)
Brigadier General Wendell C. Neville (July 28, 1918—Date)

The Brigade was under instruction of the French in the Bourmont training area with Brigade Headquarters located at Damblain, remaining there until March 14th when it commenced movement into sub-sectors of the Verdun Front, the first units of the Brigade entering the front line during the night of March 16-17th. At that time Colonel Wendell C. Neville commanded the 5th Regiment, Colonel Albertus W. Catlin commanded the 6th Regiment and Major Edward B. Cole commanded the 6th Machine Gun Battalion.

Remained on the Verdun Front until May 14th when the Brigade proceeded to the training area around Vitry-le-Francois. In the meantime, on May 6th, Brigadier General James G. Harbord assumed command, relieving General Doyen who had been ordered to the United Stutes. On May 19th, Brigade left that area and proceeded to area around Gisors and Chaumont-en-Vexin, remaining there until May 31st when the units of the Brigade moved by camions into the sector northwest of Chateau-Thierry, going into line immediately upon its arrival, June 1st, 2nd and 3rd. During operations of the Brigade, the companies of the 6th Machine Gun Battalion were usually asaigned to Battalions of the two Regiments,

In action northwest of Chateau Thierry from June 1st to July 7th, 1918, during which the Brigade captured Bouresches, Bois de Belleau and Hill 142. Brigade was relieved July 7th and took up reserve position behind the lines just occupied until July 16th.

Actions following Chateau-Thierry.
South of Soissons July 18th to 20th.
Pont-a-Mousson August 9th to 18th.
St. Mihiel September 13th to 15th.
Capturing Mont Blanc October 1st to 9th.
Including crossing of Meuse — November 1st — 11th.

March to Germany commenced November 17th, 1918. Crossed German frontier December 1st. Crossed Rhine December 13th. From December 14th, 1918, to date , occupying «Rhine Sector» of Coblenz Bridgehead Area.
From dates of organization to June 1, 1919.
Coblenzer Volkszeitung, Coblenz, Germany.
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