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Fourth Machine Gun Battalion.

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Organized October 2nd, 1917 at Gettysburg, Pa., into four company Provisional Machine Gun Battalion. Officers and men from 4th, 7th, 58th, 59th, 60th and 61st Infantry Regiments.
The Fourth Machine Gun Battalion consisted of Companies A, B, D, E, F (Ed.)
Names of Commanding Officers:
Major W. E. Mills. Aug, 15, 1917—May 17, 1918.
Major Edmund L. Zane, May 17, 1918—Aug. 27. 1918.
Major Andrew D. Bruce, —Aug. 27, 1918—May 16, 1918.
Major George H. Weems, May 16, 1919 to date.
Date of Arrival in France.
Sailed from Portland, Me., for England, December 24th, 1917, arriving at Liverpool, England, January 7th, 1918. Sailed for France via Southampton, Le Havre, arriving at Bourmont, France, January 14th.
Training Periods.
Bourmont Area, reorganized into Divisional Machine Gun Battalion of two companies, January 18th. Bois de l'Eveque area, August 15th to September 4th, 1918.
Verdun Sector.
In Toulon and Troyon Sectors from March 15th to May 13th, 1918.
Aisne-Marne Defensive (Chateau Thierry).
May 21st to June 5th, as Division Reserve.
June 6th to July 9th, engaging in successive attacks on north strip of woods in Bois de Belleau with Marines.
Aisne-Marne Offensive (Soissons).
July 18th to July 19th, attacking with assaulting battalion of 3rd Brigade on Viery and Bois de Hortense. July 30th moved into billets at Fleville, via Nancy and Nanteuil.
Marbache Sector.
August 9th to 16th as Division Reserve.
St. Mihiel Offensive.
September 12th to 16th, engaging in attack, supporting 3rd Brigade, September 12th, advancing to Thiaucourt. September 15th relieved and withdrawn to rest area Camp Roy Meiux-Guy. Marched to Suippes via St. Germain, September 27th-30th.
Meuse Argonne Offensive (Champagne).
October 1st to 10th, engaged in attack against Blanc Mont Ridge supporting 4th Brigade, October 3rd. October 6th-10th in front line positions with 3rd Brigade north of Medeah Farm. Relieved and withdrawn to rest area.
Meuse Argonne Offensive.
November 1st to 11th. Advancing to Bayonville, supporting 9th Infantry November 1st and to positions 200 meters north of Fosse, supporting 5th Marines November 3rd. Advanced with front line 3rd Brigade through La Tuillerie Farm to positions around Beaumont on the Meuse. November 10th-11th supporting 4th Brigade in crossing Meuse.
March to the Rhine.
Marched from Beaumont November 18th, passing through Verneuil-le-Grand, France; Septfontaine, Tuntington, Oberglaback and Nomern, Luxembourg; Kruchten, Phillipsweiler, Dierdorf, Heisdorf, Ober Ehr, Limbaugh, Dumplefeld, Oberwinter, Engers and Erlich, Germany; going into permanent billets in the latter place, December 16th, 1918.
From dates of organization to June 1, 1919.
Coblenzer Volkszeitung, Coblenz, Germany.
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