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Names extracted from 5th Machine Gun Battalion - Records Of The Second Division (Regular)

Volume 5
Name Rank Unit Vol. Entry Date Remarks
Malone Colonel C.O. 23rd Inf. 3/30/18  
Elliott, C. B.   C.O. 3rd Bn. 4/5/18  
Elliott Major   4/12/18  
Hirsch     4/14/18  
Falk     4/14/18  
Bruce Lt.   4/16/18  
Michel Gen.   6/2/18  
Lewis Gen.   6/2/18  
Black, S. C. Cpl.   6/3/18  
Fechet Major Co. B., 5th M.G.Bn. 6/28/18 C.O.
Herbst, G. A. Lt. Col.   6/12/18 General Staff, A.C. of S., G-3.
Moore Capt.   6/17/18  
Bruce Capt.   6/17/18  
Whitley C.O. 1st Bn., 5th M.G.Bn. 6/19/18  
Lewis Major 5th M.G.Bn. 7/17/18  
Harbord Major General   7/17/18  
Montgomery, J. C. Major   7/17/18 Cavalry - In charge of trains.
Ely C.O. 3rd Brigade 7/20/18  
Westover 1st Lt.   9/14/18  
Medford Pvt.   9/14/18  
Bruce, A. D. Capt. 4th M.G. Bn. 9/14/18  
Hall Maj.   10/2/18 Adjt.
Rhea     10/9/18 C.S.
Dean C.O. Co. B., 5th M.G.Bn. 11/4/18  
Kingman C.O. 6th M.G.Bn. 11/9/18  
Ellis     11/9/18 Brigade Adjutant?
Day Major 2nd Bat. 11/30/18 Hq. 2nd Bat. 9th Inf., Commanding
Lewis C.O. 4th M.G. Bn. 12/6/18  
Records Of The Second Division (Regular) Volume 5
Second Division Historical Section, The Army War College, Washington, D. C.

Volume 8

Name Rank Serial Unit Vol. Entry Date Remarks
Martin, Jesse N. Corporal 107616 Co. C 4/7/18 Killed by German shrapnel about 4:00 P.M. 4/7/18.
Zouck, Edward C. Pvt. 107692 Co. C. 4/7/18 Wounded by German Shrapnel at 4:00 P.M. 4/7/18.
McGrath, George N. Pvt. 107710 Co. C. 4/7/18 wounded by German shrapnel at 4:00 P.M. 4/7/18.
Wible, John 2d Lieut.   5th M.G.Bn. 4/8/18 Adjutant.
Killian, Edward R. Pvt 1st Cl. 107471 Co. B. 4/8/18 wounded by enemy shrapnel 4/7/18.
Hopkins, John J. Sgt. 107604 Co. C. 4/8/18 wounded by German shrapnel, 4/7/18
Richards, Joseph L. Cpl. 107622 Co. C. 4/8/18 wounded by German shrapnel 4/7/18.
Fechet, d'Alary Capt.   5th M.G.Bn. 4/9/18 Commanding Bn.
Gegere, Paul Sgt. 107602 Co. C. 4/15/18  
Chugay, Timofey Pvt. 107666 Co. C. 4/15/18  
Perun, Frank Pvt. 107717 Co. C. 4/15/18  
Gordon Lieut.   Co. C. 4/15/18 Captured - surgeon in charge
Sands Lieut.   Co. C. 4/15/18  
Kohler Sgt.   Co. C. 4/15/18  
Bianche Mr.   with Co. C. 4/15/18 Interpreter [civilian?]
Kantrowitz, Louis Pvt. 107695 Co. C. 4/15/18 captured & escaped
Pistikoudis, Theodore Pvt. 107720 Co. C. 4/15/18 captured & escaped
Falk, David B. Captain   5th M.G.Bn. 4/15/18  
Lewis, Harry T. Major   5th M.G.Bn. 6/6/18 Commanding
Hall Major     6/13/18  
Talley, Allen W. 2d Lieut.   5th M.G.Bn. 6/29/18  
Miller Lieut.   Co. A. 7/3/18  
Arnold Major   2nd Bn.[9th Inf.] 7/3/18  
Saulnier Lieut.   Co. C. 7/3/18 Commanding
Westover, W. 1st Lieut.   Co. A. 7/3/18  
Bruce, A. D. Capt. N.A.   Co. A. 7/1/18  
Lewis Brigadier General     7/6/18  
Hall, C. P. Major   Inf. N.A., Brigade Adjt. 7/6/18  
Arnold, A. C. Lt. Col.   9th Inf. 7/1-2/18  
Talley, Allen W. 1st Lieut.   5th M.G.Bn. 7/21/18 Adjutant
Westover Captain   4th M.G.Bn. 10/2-8/18  
Dean, Wm. Winter Captain   Co. B, 5th M.G.Bn. 10/2-8/18  
Hirschfelder, C. J. Captain, Infantry   Co. C, 5th M.G.Bn. 10/3-8/18  
Quivey, J. E. 1st Lieut.   5th M.G.Bn. 10/1-10/18 Adjutant (R. H.)
Moulton Captain   5th M.G.Bn. 10/1-10/18  
Strout, E. P. 1st Lieut.   Co. C. 11/1-12/18 Wounded
Waller Major   Division M.G. Officer 11/1-11/18  
Co."C" 5th Machine Gun Battalion
A.E.F. France, April 15, 1918

From: The Commanding Officer Co."C" 5th M.G. Bn.
To : The Commanding Officer 9th Infantry.
       (Thru military channels)
Subject: Recommendations for bravery.

1. I recommend that the following men of Co. "C" 5th Machine Gun Battalion, attached to 3d Battalion 9th Infantry, be mentioned for bravery in the action of April 13-14, 1918.
2. Sgt. Gegere, 107602, Paul, Co. "C" 5th Machine Gun Battalion, in a machine gun emplacement when the enemy came up from the rear demanding that he surrender. Instead of complying, the Sergeant fired his pistol killing two of them, and although wounded by them still refused to surrender his machine gun or himself, but succeeded in fighting them off. It was due to his efforts solely that this machine gun was not captured.
3. Pvt. Chugay, 107666, Timofey, and Pvt. 1st class Perun, 107717, Frank, Co. "C" 5th Machine Gun Battalion, although the rest of their squad was captured, mounted their machine gun on the parapet and after fighting off large numbers of the enemy with grenades, remained with their piece during the entire attack.
4. Privates Kantrewitz, 107695, Louis, and Pistikoudis, 107720, Theodore, although captured by the enemy and having their pistols and belts taken away from them, succeeded in getting away from their captors by taking the guns from two of them, and killing them by clubbing them, thereby showing great courage in the face of greatly superior numbers of the enemy.
Records Of The Second Division (Regular) Volume 8; Operation Reports — War Diaries
Second Division Historical Section, The Army War College, Washington, D. C.
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