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Sixth Machine Gun Battalion.

Roll of Honor
Some Marines of 15th Company, 6th Machine Gun Battalion at Belleau Wood
August 27th, 1917. Quantico, Va., at that time called First Machine Gun Battalion, name being changed upon its arrival in France.
15th, 23rd, 77th, 81st Companies. (77th Company mistakenly left out of Syllabi is included here.)
Names of Commanding Officers.
Major E. B. Cole, (Organization until mortally wounded in Belleau Woods, June 10, 1918).
Captain H. E. Major (June 10th-12th, 1918).
Captain G. H. Osterhout (June 12th-20th, 1918).
Major L. W.T. Waller, Jr. (June, 20th—October 24th, 1918)
Major M. H. Kingman (October 25th—Present Date).
Training Periods.
Battalion disembarked on December 31st, 1917 and entrained for the Bourmont Training Area, arriving at Damblain, Vosges. January 3rd, 1918; detrained and took station in Germanvillers, Chaumont-Ville, and Breuvannes. Remained in the Bourmont Training Area until March 16th, 1918, when the battalion moved to a new Area.
Verdun Sector.
Served in the front line trenches in the Verdun Sector supporting the Infantry battalions from March 17th to May 14th, 1918.
Aisne-Marne Defensive (Chateau Thierry)
Served in the sector northwest of Chateau Thierry and participated in a series of pitched battles with the enemy from June 1st to July 6th, 1918.
Aisne-Marne Offensive (Soissons).
Participated in the great Marne Offensive of July 18th-20th near Soissons.
Marbache Sector.
Served in the front line trenches at Pont-a-Mousson from August 6th to August 17th, 1918.
St. Mihiel Offenslve.
Participated in the St. Mihiel Drive, September 12th to 16th, 1918.
Meuse-Argonne Offensive (Champagne).
Participated in the Champagne Offensive an [sic] the storming of Blanc Mont Ridge and the capture of the town of St. Etienne from October 1st to 10th. Accompanied the Fourth Brigade of Marines on its second trip into the Champagne sector to relieve the 73rd French Division in the front line above Leffincourt. The day after arrival at Leffincourt the orders to relieve the French were revoked, and orders issued to rejoin the 2nd Division, this from October 20th to October 23rd, 1918.
Meuse-Argonne Offensive.
Participated in the Argonne-Meuse Offensive and pursuit from November 1st to 11th, 1918.
March to the Rhine .
March to the Rhine from November 17th to December 9th, 1918, crossing the Rhine at Remagen, Germany, on December 13, 1918. With the Army of Occupation on outpost line from December 14, 1918, to present date.
From dates of organization to June 1, 1919.
Coblenzer Volkszeitung, Coblenz, Germany.
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