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9th Infantry Regiment

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The 9th Infantry consisted of Regimental HQ, 1st Batt: A, B, C, D; 2nd Batt: E, F, G, H; 3rd Batt: I, K, L, M; HQ Co., MG Co., Supply Co., Ordnance Detachment, Veterinary Field Unit, Medical Detachment, (Ed.)

January, 1799, Burlington, Vermont.
Names of Commanding Officers
Colonel Leroy S. Upton - June 1, 1918 to July 25, 1918.
Lieut-Colonel Edward R. Stone - July 26 1918 to Aug. 30, 1918.
Colonel George W. Stuart - August 31, 1918 - October 15, 1918.
Major Hanford MacNider - October 15th, 1918 - October 24, 1918.
Lieut-Colonel Milo C. Corey - October 25, 1918 - Nov. 2nd 1918.
Colonel Robert O. Van Horn - Nov. 3nd [sic], 1918 - April 5, 1919.
Colonel Alfred C. Arnold April 5, 1919 to date.
Date of Arrival in France.
September 20th, 1917, St. Nazaire.
Training Periods.
Bourmont Area during winter 1917 - 1918; Bar-le-Duc training Area May 6th-20th, 1918; Chaumont-en-Vexin Area, May 20th-30th, 1918; Colombey-les-Belles Area, August 16th - September 1st, 1918.
Verdun Sector.
Held Sub-Sector Rouvrois, March 18th-May 19th, 1918; Second Battalion held Sub-Sector Mont-Sous-les-Cotes, May 6th-12th, 1918.
Aisne-Marne Defensive (Chateau Thierry).
Went by truck to Chateau Thierry, May 31st.
June 1st took over and held Vaux Sector, assisting in stopping Boche drive on Paris.
Advanced lines June 6th-7th. Held lines and repulsed repeated counter-attacks from June 1st to July 9th.
Took Vaux July 1st.
Left this sector July 9th and went to La Barre, Bezu, Chambardie District.
Aisne-Marne Offensive (Soissons).
Went to Villers-Cotterets by truck, July 17th.
Took part in attack July 18th-19th.
July 20th marched to Levignan.
July 25th marched to Per-les-Combien.
Entrained for Nancy July 31st. Marched to Quartier·Scill[e] Sector August 4th, 1918. Marched to Colombey-les-Belle training area August 16th.
St. Mihiel Offensive.
Went by truck to St . Mihiel Sector, September 1st.
Attacked near Limey September 12th.
Marched to Toul Rest Area, September 20th.
Entrained for Chalons-sur-Marne, September 25th.
Argonne-Meuse Offensive (Champagne).
Went by truck to Suippes September 30th.
With 6th Marines in attack on Blanc Mont Ridge, October 3rd, and engaged here until relieved on October 9th.
Marched to Courtisel, October 14th.
Argonne-Meuse Offensive.
Marched to Exermont region October 25th.
Leapfrogged Fifth Marines, November 2nd, advancing until November 4th. Leapfrogged 23rd Infantry evening of November 5th. Advanced and took up front line position west bank of Meuse from Beaumont to Mouzon.
Took part in attack on the night of November 10th; crossed Meuse morning of November 11th.
March to the Rhine.
Billeted in Beaumont until November 17th, when march to the Rhine started. Marched through Belgium, Luxembourg and Rhine Provinces, arriving at Remagen, December 9th.
Engaged in training troops to present time.
Reviewed by General Pershing, March 14th.
From dates of organization to June 1, 1919.
Coblenzer Volkszeitung, Coblenz, Germany.
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