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Sergeants of Company "F", 2nd Engrs.

Sergeants of Company F The 2nd Engineers were combat engineers and regarded as honorary Marines by the Marine brigade they supported. Rarely do you get details on top of basic IDs that provide insight into the faces in this photo. On the back, someone wrote their names and something about each. The 2nd Engrs were at the major battles of the war. Taken Sunday January 19, 1919 in front of Sgt's. mess.
Sergeants of Company F A better quality copy of a second photograph contributed by Jeanie McCallister, daughter of
McCallister, Austin; (13. circled) Meridian, Ida.; F; Sgt.; Prepn.; Chateau Thierry; Soissons; St. Mihiel; Blanc Mont; Attigny; Argonne; Rhine.
Sgt. McCallister had a brother named Ross who was in Company D, 2nd Engineers. Corporal Ross McCallister was evacuated wounded from Belleau Wood and did not join the 2nd Engineers again during the war. The McCallisters almost certainly arrived in France with the 116th Engineers.
Image of Company F Sergeants Back side of upper photograph.
9   Bishop My room mate
26   Bohnart [sic Bohnert] Speaks German fluently
20   Burrel Wounded at Soissons
X   Clark Forgot to number him, wounded at Belleau Woods
23   Condon Top Sgt., received the Croix de Guerre
25   Couch "Pops" is a Master Engineer
5   Cullar Our Mess Sgt. for Sgt's mess, wounded at Belleau Woods
1   Czeszynski He hails from Milwaukee
8   Davis Our stable Sgt. and the tallest man in the regiment
7   Downs My friend Charlie
14   Fowler The only one of us that didn't come across with this outfit
15   Goddard Our Supply Sgt.
18   Halterman Company Mess Sgt,
22   Knoll Pennsylvania
17   Leahy Duty Dodger
4   Matheisen Our officer's man
13   McAllister Room mate of the wild Irishman
3   McNally Also from Wisconsin, Ladysmith
10   Newland Slightly wounded at Belleau Woods
11   O'Brien Our wild Irishman
2   Panichella Our Cook
16   Reitz Billeting Sgt.
19   Rymer Been wounded at Belleau Woodsand received the Croix de Guerre
24   Summers Our Frankie
21   Swank Same town Charlie is from
12   Waterfill Our Sally
6   Whitcomb Our chow hound
Each of these men have more detailed information in the roster.
Images and text were kindly contributed by Bruce
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