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Eagerly Awaited by the Soldier Boys from Hutchinson.
It's the Home News That Appeals Most to All—Not Fiction Reading.
A letter from the Hutchinson boys to The NEWS came today and tells some of the activities of Camp Baker:
Camp Baker, Aug. 13, 1917.

Hutchinson News: We Hutchinson boys here in the Second Engineers at El Paso thought it would be nice to write a letter to The News and telt them what we ure doing here. We all read in The News what Co. E is doing there, so will tell what the regular army is like. There are about twenty Hutchinson boys In the Second Engineers. We all are working pretty hard at present time. We expect to move from El Paso some time next week to some place in the U. S. Stay there for about three months, then we will go across the pond to France where we will do our great work in building railroads, trenches and bridges. We expect you people there in Hutchinson are thinking about we boys here. We read letters about we boys here and it makes us feel a great deal better for we all get home sick at times to get back to that old place where we had so much fun.

It is pretty hot here but the nights are cool. We have had 12 shots in the arm for different diseases. They sure put you on the bum for about two days. We took the French typhoid shot last Saturday.

There is all kinds of work here for a boy to do, such as truck driving, blacksmith, horse shoeing, carpentering. bookkeeping, cooking, etc. We boys In Co. D have a pretty good time. We have a reading room with all kinds of reading, a talking machine.

We have all kinds of good eats. For Sunday we had turkey, mashed potatoes, salad, sweet potatoes, ice tea and ice cream. When people think we do not get good eats they are mistaken. The Hutchinson boys are Ray Kennedy, Jay Scott, Louis Robinson, James Robinson In Co. D, Sluter, Winters, in Co. F, Raffington, Donnell, McClintock in medical corp. Hyden, Stark and many others in other divisions. We will write again when we have time. From the Hutchinson boys at Camp Baker, Second Reg. Engineers.

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