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Maj. John A. Randolph, chaplain Second engineers, United States army, leaves tonight for Memphis, Tenn., on a brief visit to his wife and family there, later intending to stop a few days in Washington, D. C. The second engineers have been camped in Camp Baker along Dyer street for several months. It is one of the best organized regiments in the army, filled with an exceedingly high class of recruits during its training here. Col. James F. McIndoe is the commander.

Maj. Randolph came to El Paso with the Sixth infanry in April, 1914, and was with that outfit in the Pershing expedition in western Chihuahua, transferring at the withdrawal to the Second engineers. He has made hundreds of friends among the ministers and church workers of El Paso.

El Paso Herald (El Paso, Texas) · Mon, Aug 20, 1917 · Page 4
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