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USS Pastores - Homeward Bound

Not all of the 2nd Engineers returned to the United States on the USS Finland and USS Great Northern. As seen in the photos below, at least one of them returned on the USS Pastores. Below are photographs once owned by Corporal Herley W. Wilson. They document his return to The U. S. from France in 1919.
American ships at Brest, France 1919 1. President Wilson left Brest on June 29, 1919 aboard the USS George Washington. Neither of these two ships are the USS George Washington. President Wilson was probably not on either ship. There is a third ship at left. Perhaps this one was the USS George Washington. If the third ship is, in fact, the George Washington, this photo was probably taken at Brest on June 29, 1919. Unfortunately, that ship can't be identified.
USS Pastores at Brest, France 2. The USS Pastores at Brest, France August, 1919.
American soldiers boarding USS Pastores 3. Boarding the Pastores - The date written on this photo is incorrect. It was taken in August 1919.
USS Pastores at sea 4. USS Pastores - Homeward Bound
USS Pastores and USS Aeolus at Hoboken, N. J. 5. This photo may have been taken at Hoboken August 1919. The ship at left is the USS Aeolus. The USS Pastores is at right. It would be very helpful to know when and where the Aeolus and the Pastores were in port at the same time.
Fort D. A. Russell at Cheyenne, Wyoming Herley Wilson was discharged at Fort D. A. Russell at Cheyenne, Wyoming
The New York Times, August 31, 1919, page 14 -- VAN OF 1ST DIVISION HERE FROM FRANCE -- Six transports arrived yesterday from France, bringing nearly 6,000 troops, including the first batch of the famous First Division, the first to go in and the last to quit, who were on board the Orizaba and the Pastores, which docked early at the army piers in Hoboken. The other four were the Iowan, Peerless, H. R. Mallory, and Santa Leonora, which docked at the army base in South Brooklyn.
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