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Private Herley William Wilson
Co. "D" 2d Engineers.

Toulon Troyon Sector Mar 15, 1918 to May 13, 1918
Aisne (Def) May 31, 1918 to June 5, 1918
Chateau Thierry June 6, 1918 to July 9, 1918
Aisne Marne (Off) July 18, 1918 to July 19, 1918
Marbache Sector from Aug 9, 1918 to Aug 16, 1918
St Mihiel Sept 12 to 16, 1918
Meuse Argonne (Off) Oct 16, 1818 to Oct 26, 1918
Meuse Argonne Nov 1 to 11, 1918
Army of Occupation from Dec 1, 1918 to Aug 15, 1919

Dates and Campaigns taken from his discharge paper which was an extract created in 1921 for the purpose of obtaining a Victory Medal.

Herley Wilson portrait on the Rhine River
Herley Wilson gravestone in Idaho

Note that Herley Wilson is wearing three overseas Chevrons on his cuffs. Each signifies six months of overseas service. He returned home before receiving the fourth Chevron. This photo and grave marker indicate that he was a Private. The Official History of the 2nd Engineers Roster lists him as a Corporal. His discharge paper indicates that he had been a noncommissioned Corporal and then a Private. Without regard to a possible demotion, he was a volunteer and he was there because it was where he wanted to be. He wasn't drafted. He was a 2nd Engineer. He was blinded in one eye at Belleau Wood by mustard gas, but fought in every 2nd Division battle and was part of the 3rd Army on the Rhine River - 1918-1919.

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