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Books of The 2nd Regiment of Engineers

Cover of 116th Engineers book The 2nd Engineers arrived in France with too few soldiers to complete the Regiment. On Dec. 15, 1917, 400 men from Companies D, E and F of the 116th Engineers were ordered transferred to the 2nd Engineers. Therefore, the inclusion of a bit of history of the 116th Engineers is crucial to this study.
United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Regiment, 116th. Training Section. The History of the 116th Engineers, First Depot Division, American Expeditionary Forces, France. Angers, France: Caserne Desjardins, 1918.
Cover of 2nd Engineers Official History book United States, and W. A. Mitchell. 1920. The Official History Of The Second Regiment Of Engineers And Second Engineer Train, United States Army, In The World War. [San Antonio]: [San Antonio printing Co.].
History of The Second Engineers 1916-1919 United States, and John Archer Lejeune. 1919. A History Of The Second Regiment Of Engineers, United States Army: From Its Organization In Mexico, 1916, To Its Watch On The Rhine, 1919. [Place of publication not identified]: [publisher not identified].

Rosters of the Regiment



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2nd Engineer Honors

Roll of Honor Burial Locations
Enlisted Men's Citations

Misc. History

2nd Engineers - 2nd Division Celebrates Chateau-Thierry Battle
A death at Belleau Wood — "Come on, Boys, Be Game."
A few of the many photographs taken by 2d Engrs
2nd Engineers Band
Devil Dogs in Olive Drab — The 2d Engineers at Belleau Wood
Experiences of an Engineer Battalion Commander with the 2nd Division, A.E.F. At the Second Battle of the Marne
Historical Report of the Chief Engineer
Photographs from the McCallister Family Collection
That regiment can do anything!
Is this a WW1 gun oiler?
Other engineer regiment books.
Canavan, William J. 1896-1953 This man isn't listed in any documentation, yet his grave indicates he was with the 2nd Engineers.
Company B, 2nd Engineers, June 3, 1919 France - Photograph research
Corporal Mart Gentry American Legion Post #16
Lieutenant Colonel William A. Snow
Panorama photographs of the 2nd Engineers taken on the Rhine River in 1919
Portrait of some members of the 2nd Engrs. taken at Schloss Engers in Engers, Germany
Sergeants of Co. F 2nd Engineers
Unidentified 2nd Engineer from Company "C"
Unknown 2nd Engineer from Cumberland, Maryland
Unknown 2nd Engineer wearing Croix de Guerre

Uniforms, etc.

2nd Div. Engineer M-1917 Rough Wool Uniform — 1st Battalion
2nd Division, 2nd Engineers, 1st battalion.   Red engineer's castle is First battalion and a Yellow Castle is Second battalion.
Brown, Albert E (2nd Engr Train) - Patch and awards booklet
Sgt. 1st Class Uniforms
2nd Battalion Helmet


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Map of Base Sections in France and England during WW1
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