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CONKLIN, W. GARDNER - Class of 1908 Penn State

Entered the Corps of Engineers on May 8, 1917, and attended the First Officers? Training Camp. Commissioned 1st Lieutenant, Engineers Reserve Corps, US Army and assigned to the 20th Engineers (Forest) September 16, 1917. Served in Washington DC and in France until July 10, 1918. The assigned to the 2nd Engineers, 2nd US Division until wounded and evacuated to a hospital November 4, 1918. After recovering from the wound he was assigned to the War Trade Board, American Commission to Negotiates Peace, Paris, March 16, 1919. Returned to the states and discharged June 21, 1919. Awarded the Victory Medal with 4 Battle Clasps and the French Fourragere.

This information was originally posted on a Penn State web page. They changed the URL or removed the information all together.
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