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Sullivan, Philip A.

Roxbury, Mass.; B; Pvt. 1st Class; Prepn.; Chateau Thierry; Soissons; St. Mihiel; Blanc Mont; Attigny; Argonne; ES, Rhine.

All Photos on these pages are from the 'Philip A. Sullivan Collection' contributed by grandson, Brian Sullivan.
Other contributions by Brian Sullivan include:

The crossing of the Meuse
Two unknown members of the 2nd Engineers. Portrait taken on the Rhine River.
Montalto KIA at Soissons - Company E. 9th Infantry AEF
Chateau-Thierry Medal (Médaille du Château-Thierry)
2nd Engineer Victory Medal
More to come!
2nd Engineers on the Rhine River Private First Class Philip A. Sullivan of B Company is standing on the right. The other two men are unknown.
Thos. J. Roberts, Post 216, Dorchester, Mass. Here is a later photo, in his American Legion uniform. In it he has three campaign chevrons on his cuff with the second division patch and is the one standing dead center behind the drum. Philip A. Sullivan died on Nov. 11, 1948 (Armistice Day) at age 56.
Thos. J. Roberts, Post 216, Dorchester, Mass.
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