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The Indian Magazine
Volume 1, No. 12 — July 1, 1919

On the 28th day of January, 1919, a divisional machine gun range detail was formed, consisting of 22 men. These men were taken from the four companies of the Sixth Machine Gun Battalion and sent to Irlich, where the Fourth Machine Gun Battalion was then billeted.

Although we were attached to the Fourth Machine Gun Battalion for rations only, we have been with them these past four months, and have become real pals, having made a number of friends that we shall never forget.

In the first place, let us say something about the cooks. When we are working on the range there are many times we are unable to eat at regular mess, or even send in word to save chow. When we go to the mess hall do we get anything to eat? I'll say we do. If they have nothing prepared for us, they set to work and cook something, and they never growl about it like some mess sergeants and cooks do when men come late.

How about the truck company? These men are always on the move, going to Neuwied or other places with the cars, so it is very seldom that we have to walk when going to Neuwied on leave.

There are a number of other truck drivers who seem to think that if they give a fellow a lift it would break the truck down, but the men in the Fourth are not like this, having never refused a person yet.

In conclusion, we want to say that the officers and men of the companies are as good a bunch of men as can be found in the A. E. F.

—Men of the Second Division M. G. Range


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