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Volume 1, No. 12 — July 1, 1919

An Afternoon In Paris "Mike," Fifth Marines
An Unsung Hero Sgt. Raymond E. Conway, Company F, Second engineers.
Don'ts For Families Of Soldiers A Sixth Marine.
Seventh Field Artillery Pvt. George Armstrong.
Battery F  
It's An Awful War  
Can You Beat It? A. F. H.
It Pays To Advertise  
Fifteenth Field Artillery Walter Kuraner, Headquarters Company.
Second Division Machine Gun Range  
On The Rhine  
Here Is The Real Story Daniel J. Canty, Captain, Motor Transport Corps.
Hdqrs., Second Bn., Sixth Marines Sergeant Major.
Corporal Earl P. Sooy Lieut. Samuel C. Watkins, Company E, Second Engineers
Night At The Front Cpl. Leonard Smiyth, Co. H, 23rd inf.
Concerning Germans  
The Pay Office Force Keith, U. S. Marines, on the Rhine, 1919.
Second Engineers  
York Spur's Dope  
From Paris To Tours  
Bouts At Dierdorf  
Second Division Doughboy Champs  
Company C Wins Game  
Company A, Fifth Machine Gun Battalion  
General Orders (Kitchen Use)  
Oh, Skinnay! Circus Is Here!  
Fifth Marines Mike
Seventeenth Company Capt. John W. Thomason
Ammunition Train Jottings  
A Road Without An End  
Banquet Of Second Engineers Band M. E. Thompson
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