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This is the last number of The Indian to be published by the Second Division while on active service. It is the final number to be gotten out by the present staff. And in this connection the editors wish to express to the men who have labored so long and faithfully in the work of making this paper, their deep appreciation.

This applies not only to the members of the staff, but to every man in the division who did anything toward drawing sketches and cartoons, writing stories, or selling and handling the circulation .

These men have worked long and hard. Men who have done most of the cover design work are Claggett Wilson, DeLong J. Murray, Dean C. Barnum, W. B. Calkins, E. L. Palmer, Grant Powers, G. M. Robertson and Evan T. Wilson, while many fine cartoons and sketches have been produced by Frank Druen, Bill Kenney, James A. Wallace, J. Keating, N. H. Haugen, A. J. Neukert, Louis P. Fox, Joseph Lange, W. G. Norwood, and many others.

The writers have been legion. One whose real name has thus far been hidden under a pen name has been "York Spur." York Spur is in reality Douglas H. Spencer, pharmacist's mate, third class, United States Navy, who is the "Navy man serving with the division," and whose philosophy each week has been one of the best features of the magazine.

And this leads us to remind the men of the division this is the first time the Army, Navy and Marine Corps have been combined in the field in one division. The three branches of the service, "United Services" for sure, have fought side by side all through this war.

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